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NSX NC1 new front frame

3 May 2002
Thats the actual status of your new project.
We removed the complete aluminium front section, because some of these parts were damaged during a smaller impact.

Its no good idea that the preowner drove at rain with that condition of rear tires.



Thats right, but so we can learn very much about that car and the concept.
We are able to work onto that car into the future and offer some Service works.

We have to strip the interior too because of some issues like SRS unit and airbags etc.
After this is done, we start to work on the rear end, remove the rear bumper for another exhaust and intake system.

Maybe we also take the engine out to check more details.
What an interesting project! Cool to see the frame exposed. I was under the impression that any damaged NC1 had to be repaired at the PMC only, due to the specialized equipment they have there.
The new front support frame is prepared for installation.
All weldings are removed.

Installation is a straight forward job, because there is 1 mounting hole at each of the middle frame.
If these both screws will fit, all is perfect.

Than we have a special measurement tool for the upper frames, so no reason to send the car back to USA.

The Corona virus will reveal in a few months who's manufacturing what and how much in China. :)
Had the same thoughts about that…..we will see. :smile:

Finally the NC1 looks naked, but completed now.
Ready to install the hood, the fenders and the front bumper (3pcs)

Very complex, but logical.
Its fascinating, how many parts Honda designed and fitted between the front frame, no comparsion to our old version.
Thumps up for that , even the build quality is far away from being perfect.

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Remarkably well done. You have learned a lot about the car that should help everyone in the future. Don't forget to add up all your time as well as parts. Thank you for sharing.
Congrats on the restoration! That’s not an easy feat. You should be very proud!
Curious how in Europe cars suffering significant damaged are titled. Was this car totaled? Does the accident show up in reports? Do you have to requalify the car in some fashion? Good job, looks like it was put back together correctly.Regards.
Typical Honda am I right?

At least this front frame piece is basic enough that in the future it could be replicated with relative ease, opposed to say a back quarter panel of an NA1. This helps tremendoulsly for longevity if you ask me