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NSX Owners Japan

3 December 2015
I checked out many of the posts here and didn't really see much activity going on. I'm looking to do a small roll call on NSX owners who are here in Japan. Maybe we can organize events and get together sometime. I also wouldn't mind creating a facebook group as well for easier contact if it hasn't been done already.
I responded to your other thread, but I'm over near Tokyo and would be interested in meets.
Apologize for the late responses. I got pretty busy with work and new projects. Moving forward, I'm down in the yamaguchi-ken prefecture. I've driven all over Japan and recently took a trip up to Tokyo during the 2016 Auto Salon earlier this year. It was a bout a 10 hour drive, the longest I've ever done lol. The Tokyo area has so many activities going on and more sports cars than what I have seen down south. There are about 3 NSX in the Yamaguchi area (that i've seen at meets) and the next closest few are in Fukuoka. Maybe sometime this year we could get together and attend a few car meets or just go cruising somewhere nice. I definitely plan on going to next years Auto Salon as well.