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NSX pics

6 May 2005
Just to let you guys know. The company I work for imports Hondas in to the UK- this is a photo of a two brand new NSX's. Just to let you know anybody who tells you your cars are not looked after id talking rubbish!

I have never seen so much respect for a car in my life :smile: - trust me ive been in the motor trade 8 years!

Hope you all like to pics


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Thats nice man, do you get to take a spin in these fine machines? Also anymore pics of any other cars being imported?
very hot, id die for one :wink:
I dont get to touch them!! :rolleyes: . There one bloke on site who's allowed to drive them - the Chief Mechanic! He has an advance driving degree and I swear that when nobodys watching he strokes the cars! :biggrin:

Anyway heres anouther pic!


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