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nsx purchase

28 February 2000
Hi, I am ready to buy my first non british sportscar. From all my research the nsx seems to be my best choice. I have located a 91 several hundred miles away and would welcome opinions on this car and cars in this price range in general. The car has 41,000 miles,one owner,no modifications,acura dealer replaced cam plugs,clutch,water pump,timing belt,and serviced transmission at 36,000 mi. It is reported to be in very good condition. The asking price is $32,000. Thanks,Mick
$32K for a mid-miles car in good condition is a fair price. You'll verify this by browsing the TraderOnline classifieds<no charge>. Do a national search for that year and you'll get a good idea what people are looking to get out of a given year/mileage vehicle. Also, if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and print out the "Purchase Process" section found on NSXPrime. It's a great resource and will give you a host of things to look for when inspecting the car. Also, if the car is far away, do yourself another favor by spending $25 to pull the title information on the car to make sure it's got a clean title. There are several of these services available and you can rule out a rebuilt title scenario before investing considerable time and travel to see the car. Best of luck to you in your endeavor to find the "right one!"