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NSX Purple Odyssey

30 April 2017
Los Angeles
..Ok Then.. Here goes..Got to Burbank Airport by 10:30 for a 12:10 flight to Sacramento. Haven't flown in 20 years and looking out the window I thought wouldn't it be funny if we went down and since I told "no one" of my trip, my whereabouts would forever be a mystery...dramatic pause... Upon landing I summons LYFT and in a few minutes I'm on on my 1 hour and 20 minute ride to jackson to meet up with the seller in a Bank of America parking lot..The lyft driver was a trip he had a rock, country, acid rock fusion group, was a martial arts teacher and was starring in his own movie, very interesting guy and when he realized what Our mission was he said he'd hang around in case the car didn't work out at which point I thought, great because if the nsx fell through I would still be able to spend more time in a Dodge Caravan.. Well we finally make it to the bank and no car.. then I look to the left and 30 yards away there it is with the owner standing next to his wife in another car. As I start walking to the car the paint starts looking better and better, shaking Dales hand I mention how nice the paint looks and dale says it's always been garaged. No dents, looks amazing, an nsx bra covered the front bumper to hide some chips. Opening the door the black interior looks great as well. Dale pulls out a binder with all the reciets including the auto trader ad from 12 years ago. Let's go for a ride.. I said you can drive, if this works out I've got a 5 hour ride home...The night before I told dale if the car is everything you say it is, and I'm sure it is, I'll fly out tomorrow and drive it home, what would be the best you could do on price..Well I'll knock $1,000 off for your flight and trouble and you can have it for $44,000.. It's a deal...after driving for 5 minutes I said let's get back to the bank, I'll take it..So long lyft driver..Twenty minutes later I'm getting in the car and dale says you should catch on to the Comptech clutch and short gears pretty quick and he was right I stalled in first twice and that was it..I had a 5 hour and 20 minute ride according to waze and I was home in 5...Nothing very eventful except I was driven an F'N NSX...Took it up to 120 mph a couple of times but only when it seemed appropriate..After a couple of hours turned on the radio, it sounded good but I preferred the Comptech exhaust so it wasn't on long..5 hours later after one gas station stop I'm home, get out of the car and I'm looking at a beautiful NSX the thousands of squashed bugs only enhanced the look..I want thank everyone for there feed back it was appreciated at 66 I can't remember being so filled with anticipation since buying my first set of SAS shoes..
FYI The original auto trader ad:
93,700 miles-
1995 NSX-T, serial # 420-
$16,000 in aftermarket equipment installed.
All Comptech:
Stainless steel headers and exhaust, cold air box, power grip clutch, short gear seat and rear pinion gear.
HRE-547 rims 17" front 18" rear-
kenwood deck and Kenwood music keg-
Diamond 600 watt amp with 10" subwoofer, door speakers and titanium tweeters.
Dale immediately took the car to Hilltop Auto and had all new hoses, timing belt, water pump and a few more things done and proceeded to put on about 12,000 miles over the next 12 years. He put on Yokohama Advan Neova Ado8 tires on about 1000 miles ago.
Congrats on the purchase, sounds like a great story. Everyone remembers their first drive home in their NSX.
congratulations sir, you did good! Very good! but I was wondering I am 62 years old now, I was thinking we start getting rid of this stuff by age 66. Hehe, I guess I am wrong.
Pictures or this is just fake news.:biggrin:
Sent some pictures in to 'photo sharing gallery' from I phone, but I'm not sure what happened.. I'll try again..really nice pictures..

A memorable first drive experience to obtain an unobtainium NSX color. Nice of the Lyft driver to stick around just in case you needed out pronto.

Get some pics up soon, and enjoy in good health!
See that picture in the top of your quick reply? It is three over from your right. Click that, then you can add your pictures.
Great story. Purple is an epic color.