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Wheels NSX-R Wheels Replica - Gunmetal Powdercoated

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24 August 2007
Well, these rims have been sitting around for a little bit, waiting to be mounted and installed. I am considering selling them since I may not be using them after all. I had originally planned to mount them on my red MR2 Turbo.

The wheels are NSX-R Replicas and very nice ones at that. Better known as Jacksports from Japan. They are cast and not forged, so they weigh about 20 lbs front and 22-23 lbs rear (This is what my old analog scale reads which normally adds a little extra weight.) They will fit on any NSX no spacers needed as they are more aggressively backspaced. They may even fit some big brake kits? I know they will clear NSX-R brakes since they are replicas. 73mm bore I believe. Size and I believe offsets are:

17x7 +35mm fronts
17x9 +45mm rears

Concavity check:


Test mount to prove no spacers needed:



Where they sit now with new finish:


I had them professionally powdercoated gunmetal and they are like brand new wheels now. They have not since been unwrapped. I paid $450 for powdercoat and curbing repair job. I did not paint the centercaps, so you can have them Honda or Acura badged.

I figure I better sell them before using them, that way they are easier to transport. My loss, your gain. I am looking to get $1300 for this set or I may just end up using them eventually. Buyer must arrange shipping or pickup. I am in 757 VA area. I can meet up to 50 miles or so. Have the NSX-R look and style at half the price! Best way to reach me is at 757-593-seventy two fifty three.

Thank you for looking.
SOLD. Thanks Prime. I hope no one was mislead. These are replicas. Real OEM ones would cost a lot more.
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