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NSX,San Antonio and dreams

10 August 2005

i live in the san antonio area (TX) and i have held the NSX on the number one list of favorite cars...(number2 car is the RX-7 by witch i already own...)

im EXTREMELY interested in buying a NSX shell of sorts and building a car on the side while i drive my rx-7....the NSX is such an amazing car and i wanted to know from people in my area more about it and my chances in getting a shell/nsx and how much it would all cost! :confused:

i have been considering moving to the DFW area because i hear the carclubs and what not are much larger and stronger is this true?

thanx everyone! and i hope to get some responses soon!

Welcome to the site --mastermind--.

How much do you think you will be saving by "building a car" as opposed to buying one that’s well taken care of and in need of no work?

Unless you have some some specific customization in mind and well planned out and find the right damaged NSX, I think you will be much better off saving your money and just buy a "whole" NSX. Remember, an NSX is all aluminum and repairing one is more expensive than a regular car (not just parts, but labor as well). Also, the shell approach does not make as much sense on the NSX as other cars - NSX drivetrains are not cheap and virtually no components are shared with other Hondas. Even if you were able to find a damaged NSX and repaired it, it will not command the same price as a NSX with no history when it’s time for you to sell.

If you want to get an idea of prices of damaged NSX, just look in the NSXs for Sale forum. There is at least one 1997 "shell" (no drivetrain) and one 1992 that needs work in the front. The pop up on eBay regularly, as well.
pinnicle of import autos...IMO....i mean FD rx-7s are half that price and yea i completely understand the issue(FD,FC are both also aluminum but nothing like the NSX...)...thanx i guess its my best bet....: (..awwell... yea this car must not be taht kinda resto project i was hoping for ill save and get a running car....