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NSX scale models

Talk about NSX values going up ... this auction just ended for a '92 Autoart Type R (granted it was sealed) and started out at $0.99 and 79 bids later *KAPOW* $785 (with shipping + tax that's north of $850)...

Well, when you can't afford the real thing, or all you were gonna do was just let the real NSX-R sit & rot in your garage collection anyway, instead of actually driving it, then you might as well just buy a detailed diecast model to stare at...LOL!!!

I'm fine with my 1:18th scale Kyosho NSX-R...the AutoArt are just so pricy...
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That price does seem a little on the extreme side. However, all models from 1/64 and 1/43 and larger seem to have really increased in price over the last year or so.

Unless you can get on a preorder of a particular model, you'll more than likely be subject to more demand than supply with some "animal spirits" (economic term) mixed in.
Good evening Everyone. The black 1990 AutoArt 1:18's looks absolutely amazing. Looking to grab one if I manage to find it. Does anyone have any ideas / contacts that might be able to help me? Thanking everyone in advance.