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NSX scale models

I have never seen some of those,very nice, thanks for the pic's
Im jealous!!

DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYAAAAAMMMM!! if you ever want to sell a red one with black top...holler!!
SPARTAN: your collection is awesome~!
Very nice.

I uploaded some pics of my collection to my photo gallery.

ERICKGS3 said:
does anyone have a red one with black top they would sell me??

ERICKGS3, what scale are you looking for?

You can sometimes find them on Ebay though the diecast often comes with a hefty price. I would recommend buying the "Tamiya 1/24" (plastic model and build one to your likings) you can still find them at your local Hobby Store. I built several that matches my car.

Here are the Manufacturers and scale.

Red with Black Top Die Cast

Kyosho- 1/18,
Revell- 1/18
Ebbro- 1/43 (VHTF), 1/24 (02+MY)
Autostrada- (HTF)1/43
Rosso- (HTF) 1/43

Some of these are still available on the shelf. I found some Revells @ a hobby shop but has a price tag of $39.95 :eek:

There are some others (unlicensed) models but the quality are not that good (IMO).

Hope this helps,
good luck.
spartan2-3 ,

thanks for the info..i do look for them at the hobby shops but they never have an NSX..i will keep looking..ive been looking on ebay but your're right..i might as well order them from the stealer... erick
I have a red/black.

I have a red w/black top available. It's a Revell 1:18. I'll sell it for $45.00 plus you pay shipping. It's in perfect condition but it has no box. Let me know if you want it or not. -Matt
RyRy210... is this a Kyosho 1/18th model that you've got here? And are the rims the stock 5-point alum rims that were on the original NSX???

<IMG SRC="http://a5.cpimg.com/image/57/65/32389975-3cf6-02000180-.jpg">

i'm really interested because i have a Kyosho model with a black-base like that too! But mine is an NSX Type-S. More pix of my models here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=29423&highlight=neo+model

<IMG SRC="http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/attachment.php?postid=256404">

i really like yours...