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NSX specialist in Denver, CO?

anyone know of any NSX specialists in Denver, CO that could do a PPI on a car this week?

If you can drive it down to the Springs, Paul Z. at PPA is the Best NSX guy in the business.
Chris at Flatirons Acura in Boulder.

thanx heaps Whitebois, i think this will work for sure. i'll ring up the Acura dealership and schedule a PPI with Chris. the car is at an exotic dealership in Denver (on consignment from the owner's personal friend) and so far they've been very friendly and more than accommodating. they've got all the records, sent me the CarFax and the salesman specifically took 30+ additional photos for me. so i reckon they'll be fine with a 30 minute test drive. the Springs might be a little bit too far for them, but thanx Wagyshag. i appreciate the help folks...
Chris and Paul Z are the two I would recommend. We don't really have a "LarryB" type of person here in CO.
Glad to hear it. His dealership is this year's host for NSXPO. Should be a fun time!