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NSX Specialist in San Antonio

8 August 2011
San Antonio, Tx
I'm posting this to let anyone in the Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi area know were to go for excellent NSX Service. HNA Automotive, 12702 Mayhill Dr #104 , San Antonio, TX 78249 :(210) 543-1565. The Owner, Scott Oliver, only works on Honda and Acura Vehicles and has been servicing NSXs since the early 1990s. His prices are much lower than the dealerships and he guarantees his work for 24 months.

I've had him do all of my maintenance on both NSXs I've owned from TB/WP to brakes. He installed my SOS Twin Turbo kit in such a way as to look like the factory did it. Those that have seen the installation have commented on how clean it was done. Scott even learned how to fix my bouncing headlights on my 02 NSX. Scott also does the service on my S2000 and my CRV. You'll find that Scott is a little anal about his work so his shop is organized and very clean.

I share this story to show his expertise, and willingness to bend over backwards for his customers....myself and a few of the San Antonio NSX owners invited Scott to go to NSXPO 2013 with us. On the way out of San Antonio I hit a tire carcass that knocked the tow hitch cover and bumper bolt cover off my car. Scott got on the phone with Leith Acura in Raleigh NC, gave them the part numbers, Imola paint code and where in the country to locate them to be shipped overnight. When we got there the next evening the parts were there, painted and ready to snap in place. Total cost was $107. The attached pictures are from NSX Night at HNA (Food, Beer and Fun).


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