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NSX spotted in Safford, AZ.

5 August 2009
Unbelievable! Two Porsches and a 99 - 01 NSX. Not sure of year, but had flip-ups. Grey, but not Silverstone.
Looked darker. Maybe a non-oem color? Did have New Mexico plates. Heading East on Hwy. 70 @ 11:00 am.
Anyone in NM know this car? Very cool.
Maybe they were doing hwy 191? I think it's the best twisty road in the US and the secret is getting out.

The last time I was there on a random weekday I saw a group of a dozen cars with a GT-R and Elise. And the 'supercar rally' last year saw a Porsche club going the other way.
There are lots of random NSXs spotted around NM, or with NM plates.
i have not seen or herd of this particular one being a darker grey color but will keep any eye out and ask around as well.