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NSX Stock - Bridgewater Acura - Photos

8 September 2003
Easton, PA
Here are some pictures from the day at Bridgewater Acura. After some idle threats of rain in the morning, it turned out to be another great day with Mike at Bridgewater Acura.



Roger was sporting a new look:

Our youngest driver showed up:

Not sure why he decided to plant some boogers on my car:frown::

Mike even almost made a used car sale to this enthusiastic shopper:




There are a few more pictures here:


If anyone else has pictures - please add them here...
Beautiful Cobra - is it from a kit? Tony, was Baggs more interested in the Cobra or the kid :eek: ? Roger, love your new fashion accessories :biggrin:
Looks like a good time, sorry I missed it............
babies invade NSX Stock - Bridgewater Acura - Photographers go gaga!!!!

nice shoot'n tony!!! the last pic c/ bags givin' the peace sign & jermo throwing a rock is perfect! jeremy had such a great time, & seeing john, karen , & their new joy nicholas was tremendous. maybe the hsc will carry more than 2???? :biggrin: [ hope not..]

roger carrying that purse is just so natural... :eek:
Tony, great pictures, even better than Bob's, for the first time. Oh, that's right, they have to be better than Bob's, he wasn't there, and you even posted them quicker than him too. You did however, miss the writing on my "purse", Bob never would have made that mistake. A big thank you to Doc JL for the new accessory, the front seat bear is already sporting it!!! Tony, Bags did look great in the cobra, and I think because it doesn't have air bags, you can put a child seat in it, Bags looked real natural with a kid in her arms, much more rewarding than a camera!!! Bags, that cobra should be in your garage the next time you come home, Tony doesn't want to disappoint you!!!! :eek:
I think Superformance makes the absolute best Corba kit. It is a completely sorted car and you can either build yourself or buy it built. Check out their site, superformance.com.
Thanks for the pics. Makes me feel like I was there. It would have been great to see everybody.
(Karen here... writing with J's screen name...) It was great seeing all of you guys (finally!) and I'm glad you got a chance to meet Nicholas - look at that - barely 3 weeks old and we're already taking him to NSX Events! I'm in for an expensive future I think! I can't believe we missed seeing Roger with that purse! That is THE BEST! It was great seeing everyone again and meeting some new guys, especially Jeremy, the 2nd youngest future NSX driver!! Also, thanks to Mike for hosting the event. I'm going to have to get my own NSX soon so we can drive to the events with car seats as well :eek:) LOL