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NSX type S comparison drag race

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I don't feel the general theme is off.

911 Turbo S is the fastest (no surprise), the NSX Type S and GT-R Nismo are in the vicinity of each other and the current C8 is behind those.
The guy driving the Type S is an Idiot... Does not even know how to launch the car....
You are correct, Throttle House is very biased, they want it to lose and that Nismo might even have tune already. They don't even know how to turn off traction control completely. Then complain about the car can't go sideways no matter how hard they tried lol. Then in the Road and Track 3 lap video, the entire video has a ton of drifting footage including in your face opening drift. They even responded to someone's comment on Road and Track video and still insist they turned off traction control correctly.

The NC1 will absolutely destroy Nismo off the line, especially without using launch control on street rolling 5 to 60mph. One metric people don't seem to talk about that is actually best indication of how responsive a car is. For example 992 Turbo S with launch control 0 to 60mph 2.2 sec, without 3.7sec and haters not going to believe that is actually slower than NC1 without launching. That is why I passed on 992 Turbo S when offered at MSRP and went with Taycan Turbo S instead. Real instant power at any time no launch required.

My old 488gtb 2.8 sec 0 to 60mph, street start, a model 3 Performance will pull 2 bus length before car gets moving. With launch control it is not consistent either, otherwise, 488gtb was a wonderful daily driver. I hate cars that have that nasty delay off the line without using launch control, no matter how fast they are once cars gets moving. Testing it without launch control is one of best indication of how responsive the car is.

Only complaint about NC1s in general is wish it has more rolling acceleration power, then it is perfect. I even like the quiet sound level, can drive fast without looking like trying, very stealthy.
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