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NSX vs. M6

2 May 2003
First - I tried to do a search on this, but was unsuccessful.

I currently own a 1996 NSX-T and have the opportunity to pickup an 2006 M6 for a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, I can't keep both and I'm contemplating a switch (I know, blasphemy); the extra seats and gadgets of the M6 are just too tempting.

I'm not too familiar with the M6, so ... any suggestions/comments regarding how the NSX compares to the M6?

apples and oranges. totally different, is the M6 SMG?
This is in the wrong place, but:

M6 is faster, by a mile. I think it is even faster than my CTSCd 02. But, its huge, high and rolls in the turns. The stock tires are borderline crap. It is very comfortable, and the interior is great. iDrive is nuts. SMG is AWESOME IMO.

Nice car if you're looking for a GT car instead of a sportscar. I have a few friends with them and all have been happy.
Very different cars. Fast, but has a heavy feel to it. The gadgetry does allow you to turn the fun factor on and off. The SMG shifts a little slow for me and gas mileage is not very good; worse in Power mode. Back seat space is decent for a coupe.

I think that it's a nice car and it sounds beautiful, but you'll probably miss your NSX.
We have an M5 in the family and I have some seat time in the M6 so I feel qualified to give you what you will end up hating about the M6..

The car drives and feels heavy. It is not a sports car. It is a Luxury car with a big motor.
Yes it is fast, but it does not turn heads like the NSX.

You will fight the car around because it does not drive like an NSX.

A huge Contention for me, the SMG transmission on these cars is terrible.

A few examples of issues...

Put the car in drive and you will experience the slowest transmission changes that you have ever felt. They make your whole body sway forward and back while it changes. Step on the gas a bit more and it only gets worse. Hard accel, throttle cut.... Pause... Shift.. Hard accel again. It drives you insaine, but it does not do it right away, At first you will think that it is something that you can live with, but it will send you to the funny farm after a couple of weeks! If you think you can over come it by changing to the paddle shifters you are wrong, they are slow too. The only time the SMG is on top of its game is if you are going 90% throttle or better and then the trans is really snappy! but with gas prices today, that will end up being an expensive habbit to try to addopt.

Second reason, You are pulling out into traffic from a stop at an intersection. you think you have an opening so you step on the gas pedal and then back on the brake fast because the opening dissapeared for a second and then you are back on the gas to get out into traffic. The clutch will sit there and studder or not engage quickly. This is a known problem with the transmission. So then because the car did not go anywhere when you wanted it to, you have to hit the brake again because the opening closed.

This same thing happens as you roll up to a right turn, the trans is in second gear. you pause, (but keep rolling) look left and then step on the gas pedal. The car just does not do anything as it hunts for the propper gear or the clutch is not "ready" to do what you want it to.

It has caused a couple of near accident situations in our family between myself, father, mother and brother driving the car. Our M5 is a lease car and we can't wait to get rid of the thing. It is one of the worst "sports" cars we have ever owned.

Also.. Why The F*&$ Do you have to have launch control to get going off the line fast? I mean really. It feels like you are typing in the cheat code to Contra trying to get it into Launch Mode. Yes it is cool, but not really effective if you are trying to play with others on the street.

If it had a regular manual 6 speed. the car would be much more fun!
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I am in agreement with what chitownNSX has stated but should say that other than the irritatingly slow SMG shifts, I have been able to control the transmission without too much issue. I drive the car almost exclusively using the paddle shifter (and never in auto or D mode). Having grown used to the time it takes to shift, I always manually downshift as I approach a turn or slow traffic. This takes the guess work out of knowing when and to where the transmission will shift at any time.
i have both....i agree with most of what was said

My NSX 92 SC feels just as fast as the M6--- The M6 is heavy, but that tq can be felt in a big way. I rather drive the NSX, but Love having the option to have both. It really depends on how much a deal you get. I got a great deal on mine....I may be selling m6 soon also----too many cars and not enough drivers.......I would love to get an 02 plus with ctsc installed and get rid of the 2 X i have and M6.....i must admit the m6 doesnt seem like it ever gets slow----that 155 comes so fast and effortless. I like driving the X more as a total package and being that it was my dream car........BUT thats X with Ctsc.....I cant dream of owning an X without it being FI anymore.....

if you lived in Germany the m6.....IMO you can drive 120 and it feels like 60 in a good way....the car is solid...................the X is a dream

i have 3400 miles on m6 in 3 years
7000 on both nsx combined in 1 year

When I am alone I would rather drive the X---When on the town--We take the m6.......

Driving 500 miles in the X was more comfortable then driving the m6 200 miles....

The m6 is a luxury sport sedan

Feels heavy--but you feel safe.......at any speed.....

Dont make the same mistake as I did. Do not have both....

I would love to throw away the mag specs and run them both side by side to see................

0 - 100 I give it to one or the other by a half a car.............its a toss up with CTSC....

stock x---you are some cars behind easy. You may catch up when the m6 hit the rev limiter..IMO
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A friend of mine has a new 650. Drives similar to my old 300zx turbo actually, but feels even heavier [which it is]. Rock solid on the expressway and confidence inspiring handling although I had no urge to take it to a track of any sorts. His is a 6spd and I probably wouldn't want one otherwise.

All around great car but I'd rather have an NSX and an LS460, if you had to go in between the M6 is a good pick.
I've driven a M5, but not an M6. However, I did meet an older couple driving a new M6 at the local gas station. The owner of the M6 told me he and his wife used to own an NSX back in the 90's. He still admired the car and had high remarks about the X. Even his wife told me that the M6 does not even compare in terms of overall handling. She loved driving the NSX, and felt that the M6 was just a retirement car.
i can't say that this is really a good representation of speed for both the nsx and the bmw m6, but here's a youtube clip of a drag race between an nsx-r and an m6 from the best motoring folk over in japan.


of course you can debate nsx vs nsx-r, and the launches of both cars and everything, but it serves as a rough estimate on both car's standing accelerations...

at the end of the 1/4, seems like the m6 was about to power by the nsx-r though.
my neighbor drives a M6. dude. every day, i will enjoy hearing his V10 revving up and speed out. i must say that it sounds better than NSX.
but it's luxury coupe. not a pure sportcar. still nice.
if u want the style, go NSX.
if u luxury coupe, M6 is a good choice.