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NSX vs TESTAROSSA on the track...

Nice! Thanks for the link. Don't think I'll ever get bored of watching Tsuchiya drive the NSX.
I had never seen that before. Thanks for the link. He really drives the hell out of that car!
WOW!! what a video. Thanks for posting.
Tsuchiya getting sideways like always:biggrin:
That's a little power/weight right there, and a little of Tsuchiya driving the wheels off the NSX.

My dad has an '86 Testarossa, and it's a beautiful car, sounds amazing, and is really an "event" to drive....but it's not a track car. He's had it on the track, but it weighs nearly 4000lbs, has pretty archaic suspension (2x shocks/springs per-corner in the rear), and the brakes just are not up to the speed/weight of the car on faster tracks.

The NSX might not be as fast on paper (acceleration/top speed), but it's much easier to drive fast than the TR from my experience.

I'd be curious if this would be the same result between an NA2 NSX and a 512TR given the mild revisions to both.