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NSX West Fest

27 October 2006
Who is ready for an epic Southwest region event in Vegas!!! As some of you know, the Southwest NSXCA personnel have been working behind the scenes to put together an epic regional event that will be held in Las Vegas late spring of 2017, NSX WestFest. Great news just came in where dates, room rates and some events have been finalized. We need to get responses from people who are interested in attending so here is what we have so far.

When: 5/4 - 5/7
Where: Gold Coast
- 5/4 Thursday afternoon/evening check in/ registration and the Fremont Experience in downtown
- 5/5 Friday Karting, Local Acura Dealership meet are in the works and shopping at the local outlets. Evening/ night time open on your own dime.
- 5/6 Saturday Mt. Charleston drive. Evening Banquet dinner 6pm.
- 5/7 Sunday check out/ open
- Room rates: 5/4 $58.23. 5/5-6 $117.59.

Registration cost TBD shortly but should be very reasonable since we are keeping it somewhat simple.

As stated earlier we need to get responses from people who are interested/serious about attending so please reply asap.

Would love to join but sorry count me out. I will be out of town. Will be in Atlanta on a business trip. Have fun you guys.
Somehow I missed this. Have a great time everyone
Anyway, this is a difficult time of year for anyone north or east of Nevada to get their car there. For example Denver just got a foot of snow today. 29Apr2017.

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