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NSX with automatic transmission request...

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26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
Honest question for NSX owners in the Houston area: Who currently owns an NSX with automatic transmission? I KNOW I have previously met at least one guy who lives in Houston, but it was at a gathering in the Dallas area, many years ago, so I no longer remember his name, let alone if he even still has that car.

I’d like to hear from those who own as close to OEM stock NSXs as possible, American LHD models preferred (and major bonus points if yours is a targa top!), as an automatic transmission NSX-T is what I might be seeking to buy, in the not-so-distant-future, IF I like it.

But, in order to ascertain that, I first need to experience a drive in an automatic transmission NSX or NSX-T.

I still have my GPW ’92 NSX, with 5 speed manual transmission, and I am in no way considering parting ways with it, but I've always wanted to add an automatic NSX-T with removable targa top, as a “cruising around town daily driver”, to the stable.

It can really get to be a major PITA driving a manual transmission car in Houston traffic, and with prices going out the roof, and automatic cars commanding a bit less, I’d worry less about daily driving an auto trans NSX, than a manual trans one. Also, even though I’d only be able to pop the top about a month or two out of the year, going topless in an NSX sounds like fun. I used to drive my ’81 Ferrari 308 GTSi, with the roof off, as often as possible, but that was back in Minnesota and Dallas, where is not near as hot so many months of the year.

The reason I want to contact someone with such a car is to ask for a ride, and a chance to drive yours, with you in the car, of course, as I am very curious about how well the NSX drives with an automatic transmission, how different it may or may not feel with a few less HP on tap, and especially how an NSX feels with power steering, which all automatic cars came with.

I live in the Sugar Land area, near Hwy 59 & 90 Alternate, in Sugar Creek, behind Classic Chevrolet. MAJOR bonus points if you live sorta close, but I’ll drive to meet you wherever, just to learn more about the automatic transmission NSX.

Again, I just want to experience an auto trans NSX-T, before I give more serious thought to getting one.
Any interested parties in helping out with my request?

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