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NSXCC Annual Fall Cruise and Lunch - Sunday October 18

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
It's coming to that time again; as I sit out my window at the rainy morning I'm reminded that the driving season will soon be behind us.

But fear not, we've got a spectacular fall cruise planned to help send the season out in style!

This year, we will be meeting at the Tim Hortons at the corner of Hurontario and Mayfield Roads in Brampton.

The address for the coffee is:

11947 Hurontario St,
Brampton, ON
L6Z 4P7,

Much as we generally do, we'll be meeting at 9:30a.m. to have a coffee and some breakfast and then beginning our cruise at 10:30a.m. for a drive of the lovely roads through Caledon and Bolton and end up at the Belfountain Inn for about 12:30-1:00.

The fall colours should be in full effect by this time and there are few nicer places close to the GTA to see them. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for us!

Don't delay, sign up below:

1) Sean F. +1
2) Shafik J. +1
3) Owen C. (Cruise only)
4) Bram M. +1
5) Tim C. +1
6) Lucas H. +1
7) Daria K. - Cancelled -
8) Gary R. +1
9) Steve R. +1
10) Don S. +1
11) JQ +1
12) Rick S. +1
13) Paul V. +1
14) Matt O. +1
15) Jim M. +1 (Guest not confirmed)
16) Brenda M. +1 (Guest not confirmed)
17) Dennis V. +1 - Cancelled
18) Mike W. +1
19) Chris W. - Tentative
20) Piran S. - Cruise only.
21) Peter S.
22) Andre M. +1
23) Bash P. +1
24) Brad O. +1 - Tentative
25) Richie R. - Tentative
26) Tony R. - Tentative
27) Anthony +1
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Blocking the day off to attend. Can't imagine missing a NSX fall cruise with the group. Looking forward to it. Most likely traveling solo.

Thx for all the hard work by the exec!!
UPDATE: Cruise only.
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Unfortunately I need to cancel. This will be the first Fall Cruise that I will be missing. Hope you guys have a great drive
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JQ, love for you and Tanya to come along for the Cruise.....this is a members only event, so please send in your application for the Club membership.
If you already did that is great.

We're just over two weeks away, and I had a great drive today. I think the fall colours will be amazing in a few weeks and I can't wait to have a great lunch at the Belfountain Inn.

The colours will be great, the cruise will be awesome and the company will be, as always, spectacular! Sign up now if you haven't already.

JQ, Bram is right, it is a members only cruise, however, if you join for the fall cruise the membership will apply for the remainder of this year, plus 2016.
We've just hammered out the menu with the Belfountain Inn for the lunch after the fall cruise. It's a fixed price at $30/ per person plus tax, tip and alcohol; I think we're in for a treat.

Belfountain Inn
Set Lunch Menu $30

To Start

Caesar Salad
Romaine Hearts/Bacon/Croutons/Grana Padano Cheese


Caramelized Onion Soup

Main Course

Brie/House Pickle/Throusand Island Aioli


Shrimp & Lobster Linguine
Rose Sauce/Chives/Linguine


Tuna Melt
Brie/Rye Bread

To Finish

Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo
I've just finished off the cruise route folks. Needless to say, I'm getting pretty excited to see over 20 NSX's cruising along some of Southern Ontario's best roads.

We've got almost two hours of cruising; which may have a rest stop half way and 120 km of driving.

I've just checked the Weather Network and the weather for Sunday promises to be perfect to help keep our engines running strong and lively, with only a small chance of rain.

With such an awesome cruise planned, I recommend stopping for gas before you show up for coffee, as there isn't a gas station on the way that can comfortably fit all of us.
Wow, 23 cars for the cruise and 38 people for lunch, it's going to be an epic day! I was out this morning and saw some of the most beautiful colors ans Sunday is shaping up to be an excellent day with only a 30% chance of rain.

I've chatted with the Belfountain Inn, and they are looking forward to having us on Sunday.

There's still room for more people though, so if you want to come out and haven't signed up yet, please do!
I'd like to make the 24th car to join, but my weather forecast is messing with me.

As of a couple hours ago...
"Snow squalls may develop late tonight and could continue through Saturday. Local snowfall accumulations could reach 15 cm by Saturday afternoon. Under the snow squall bands, visibility could be significantly reduced due to the heavy snow, and snow could quickly accumulate."


Will have to see what it looks like Sunday morning.