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NSXCC Honda Canada Plant tour; round 2 June 18, 2014

Bruno, your Buddy much be a member of the NSXCC to take part in the Honda Plant Tour....no exceptions, we have people taking part in Club events, promising to become members and never do.

So far, everybody that has joined the list is a current member. Since we've had a few members renew recently, could we make sure we bring a few golf shirts to the event next week?
Hey guys, sorry to be a downer here but;

The event has been postponed by one day to this Thursday June 19.

All other details remain the same. Meeting lace, times etc.

Sorry guys, Alliston is expecting a huge storm tomorrow, and the powers that be decided to play it safe.
John I believe has joined this year Bram. I told him to sort things out with Sean

yup, im all good for the next 2 years Bruno.
image.jpgHi guys and gals I just wanted to thank everyone who came out today. I hope you all enjoyed the tour and the BBQ. It was nice to see all the associates admiring the cars, taking pictures and talking to the car owners. NSXCC should be proud of their members.

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Just wanted to thank Paul, NSXCC and the execs who made this day possible! Was a great day. Hopefully next event I can make it out and so more photos and video. I've posted what I could get on the FB page already.