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NSXCC Honda Canada Plant tour; round 2 June 18, 2014

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
We have been invited back to tour the Honda Canada Manufacturing plant in picturesque Alliston, Ontario on Wednesday June 18th to take part in their annual Associate appreciation BBQ between 1:00p.m. and 5:00p.m.

Members of the NSX Club will have another opportunity to tour the facility as we did last year and have the Honda employees take photos of our cars and chat with us as the owners. This is a huge event for the employees as Honda's top management will be there cooking for and serving the associates.

Even if you took part last year, you are more than welcome to come this year again, the more the merrier! The only stipulation is that one guest in your party (of 2 maximum) must be a current member of the NSXCC to participate.

We will have one or more cruise points set up in the late morning to arrive in groups and be there for the early afternoon. As with last year we must have the first and last name of all attendees no later than June 11, 2014, and we all must wear long pants with closed toe shoes for the plant tour.

Sign up here

1) Rick J.
2) Athar S. +3
3) Bram M.
4) Paul V.
5) Shawn C. + 1
6) Gary R. +1
7) Jim M.
8) Jim E.
9) Lucas H. +1
10) Bruno S. +1
11) Johnny M.
12) Rick M.
13) Rob M.
14) Scott W.
15) Rick S.
16) Tony S. +1
17) Steve R. +1
18) Danny M.
19) Henry C. +2
20) Owen C.
21) Garrick L. +1
22) Barry D. +1
23) Mario B.
24) John N. +1
25) Andre M
26) Vincent C.
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Sean you are going to have to remove me. I cannot get off work for that day. =( Sigh second year I'm going to miss this event.

Chris and Tiffany
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I'm in. I'm bringing one guest with me. I wasnt sure the car was going to be ready but it will.
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I'd like to Join as well.

Any updated info on whether the next gen NSX will be there?
No news on the new car. Honda appear to be acting very reserved with this new car lately, as there doesn't seem to be any cooperation anywhere.
Sean, don't for get to add Barry and Jeremiah Dohms


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I'd like to Join as well.

Any updated info on whether the next gen NSX will be there?

Sorry Johnny, the New NSX will not be at next week's event, however, I can tell you that the NSXCC will be getting a hands on preview of the Car in due course.

I'm on thin ice and still might not be able to make it. If I do make it down, Pam will be coming along. Sean, could you add a +1 to my name?


Looks like it's going to be a great day. My buddy john will also be attending with yellow 03. Sean you can put him down +1
Bruno, your Buddy must be a member of the NSXCC to take part in the Honda Plant Tour....no exceptions, we have people taking part in Club events, promising to become members and never do.

Only Paid members name will be given to Honda Security.

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