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NSXCC Honda Canada plant tour

I was going to suggest that we meet somewhere on the 400 (for East enders) or on Trafalgar Rd Tim,s (West enders) and try to be at Honda for 12:.30.

I"m thinking that we can take 401/410 to Airport Road as this is nice and twisty, onto 89 into Alliston.

The airport route that Bram suggested is awesome you all will love it. I will be waiting at alliston Tim Hortons on 89 for all of you. Catch you all there
Guys, the plan is to meet Paul at Walmart parking lot @ 89 and County rd 10 Alliston for 12:30. Paul will lead Us into the Honda Facility to park.

I'm planning to be at the Tim's at 401 & Trafalgar rd (south) @ 10:30. The planned route will be 401/410 to Airport rd, to Hockely Valley rd East, to HWY 50 North , Hwy 89 into Alliston

PS We have to be at the Walmart for 12:30 and we CANNOT be late,

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What a turnout!

As I said in the email last week, I am going to send the email to Honda tomorrow morning, so we need final names and numbers by 8am tomorrow.

Also, as this is an NSX club event, and a promotion run by Honda for their employees and our benefit, all attendees must be both a current 2013 member and bring their NSX on the day of.

Bram, I'll meet you there at 401/trafalger for the pre meet.
Wow guys 22 cars and 32 total participants, what a turn out!

I need to get all the information to Honda this morning, so I would like if I could do that by 11:00a.m.

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.
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Wow what a turn out! That's crazy. I want to make a crazy video of everyone leaving the meet spot in alliston and cruising to the plant. Better go charge my gopro!
OK guys, we have sent the list to Honda and we have closed the registrations.

Thanks to everyone, and I look forward to seeing a group of 24 NSX's.
the plan is to meet Paul at Walmart parking lot @ 89 and County rd 10 Alliston for 12:30. Paul will lead Us into the Honda Facility to park. We have to be at the Walmart for 12:30 and we CANNOT be late,

A small group of us plan to have lunch (1145-1230) at Tim's (3 Dunham Drive - basically next to the Walmart) prior to the Walmart parking lot meet. Feel free to join us during that time.

Can't wait.
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Okay guys just a quick update on tomorrow. You will need to make sure you guys are at the Walmart just before 12:30. We will travel over to Honda arrange the cars and go in for the tour. We will have an over view of Honda Canada Mfg, tour the engine plant, and finally a tour of the manufacturing plant (where the 2/4Door Civic's are built). Once that is done we will move half the cars to Plant 2 and have them on display. Our associates are looking forward to seeing the cars.

Please make sure you wear pants and have photo ID.

Look forward to see you guys and meeting some of the other members that I haven't had a chance to meet.

Paul :smile:
Guys, here are some of the Tour Guildlines we need to follow:
1. A list of all participants must be received by HCM at least ten business days prior to the tour date. (The NSXCC will provide the List to HCM, so if you plan to bring a Guest then we"ll need their name as well)
2. You will be asked to show government issued photo ID when checking in at the Plant 1 Security.
3. Your visit of Plant 1 will last about 1 hour, including opening comments and questions and answers at the end.
The walking portion of the tour is about 1.5 km in length and approximately 35 minutes in duration.
This tour includes stairs and is not wheel chair accessible.
4. Safety glasses and headsets will be provided. All tour guests must wear long pants, closed toe and closed
heel shoes. Open toe or open back shoes and shorts are not allowed in the plant.
5. Individual guests must be at least 12 years of age. School groups must be Grade 9 or above.
6. Groups are limited to a maximum of 20 guests, total, for safety reasons.
7. Cameras, video-cameras, cell phones, ipods and all other electronic devices are not permitted in the
plant. Guests bringing these items will be asked to leave them at Security.
8. No food or beverages of any kind are allowed in the lobby or on the tour. Vending machines and cafeteria
services are not available for guests.
9. Solicitations of any nature are not allowed.
10. In compliance with local by-laws, we ask all guests to please refrain from smoking in the building or
anywhere else on the property.


Guys, before we meet tomorrow, please take a second to review the rules honda must enforce.

I look forward to seeing you all.
Can't wait!!

Thanks to all who had a hand in organizing the tour !
Special thanks to Daria for the security alarm 101 tutorial and the extra horsepower to get my car started. Problem turned out to be the smallest bit of corrosion on a quick disconnect battery terminal. No sound worse in the world than that "clicking" sound.

Thanks Paul for putting this together. I now understand how complex building a car can be, and how quick Honda is able to build these cars. The logistics guys must go crazy when the weather is bad, that bring up up another question .....why Alliston?
The most interesting part of the Tour was the engine manufacturing plant....everything done by robots, plus these robots are able to do multiple task at one station stop.

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