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NSXCC - Parade Lap participants NEEDED at the Toronto Honda Indy July 13 & 14









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What an experience!!!! Thanks again to Bram for setting this up! I can finally check off the Indy Parade lap off my bucket list!

Sean and I both used our GoPros on Sunday. Bruno, do you have a server where we can upload for the master vid? The files are 1-1.5 gb each...
What a ride....Just saw Shawn video 15 Min long, although the lap is short, we sat on the starting Grid for more the two minutes.

Bruno, is going to stitch this all together for a nice Video of both days.

i have a vimeo business account you guys can upload to if needed as well (with password protection).

Send Shawn and Bash a PM, with the drop box info.


Yes this seems like it's the easiest way. If everyone that has video and pictures they want to see in the video uploads to the Dropbox I'll do my best to add it in quick. My server is FTP and requires software to login and would be more difficult.
Got coolbergs video link now... Going back to work! Lol

Anyone else please send pics and vids. Dropbox would be easiest
Totally awesome and looks like a great time. Congrats to all.

I do want to pose some questions in all fairness to all who participated and submitted an entry... I see 3 cars (one on Sat and 2 on sun) that were not chosen but ended up participating in the parade lap. Was there some sort of waiting list in the event of someone not showing up (not showing up is rather unthinkable). How were these cars chosen? Were we supposed to have rasied our hands to be put on an alternate list? If I had known that there was an opportunity to be backup or take someone's spot, I would have made the effort to get the car ready.
Fair questions Garrick,

The way it when down was as follows:

Thursday before the event one of our members decided that he would not take part in the event on Sat, because the tickets given to The Club by Acura were for General Admission only and not VIP weekend passes. (Keep in mind,that we only asked for members that were interested in taking part in the Indy Parade lap) he was upset with the Club, that Acura did not provided VIP Passes. Therefore his spot was given to the next person inline (Bruno).
For the Sunday Parade Lap, Robert pulled his car from the event (Faulty Injector seals), therefore (Shawn) who was next inline was asked, and he accepted the spot and was happy to change his plans, drive up from St Thomas to take part in the Parade Lap.
Sunday morning (Chris W) advise the Club that he was sick and he would not be able to make the event. Therefore, the back-up car (Mine) was sent out.

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