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NSXCE Tour 2016 - MAY 13-15 - 'A weekend with Senna's Legacy'

21 February 2004

Dear all,

After a fantastic 2015 Tour, we have almost finished the planning for next year. We have done a survey a couple of days after the last tour (thank you all for participating!) and we have taken all your constructive criticism into account. The biggest ones were:

  • One hotel
  • Good/safe parking
  • Keep the good price/quality
  • More time at venues
  • Lunch/drinks included
  • Less highway

Bas and I have spent a lot of time searching for new venues and hotels. But with all the requirements in mind, we still ended up with our trusty hotel in Luxembourg. You won't believe how good photographers can catch a crappy hotel, in person they are a lot worse then on booking . com ;)

This has lead us to the following provisional agenda:

Friday MAY 13
We will start the weekend with something that is very close to our passion: Go Karting! Many, if not all, racing legends have started their careers in these little racing machines. At the track we will start with a lunch. Then we will get ready to race, and not just race, it will be a team effort. In teams of 4, we will do a 2-hour endurance. Together with your team you will have to choose a strategy and keep focused. Obviously, there will be prizes to win.

After the race we will drive to the hotel and enjoy a nice drink and dinner.


Saturday MAY 14
As some of you might remember, two years ago we did (or I must say tried) a tour along the Mosel river. This edition we have set out a new route, with improved instructions being pre-loaded navigation systems provided by Rob at Ignition Online! This will lead us to the famous Nurburgring via the set route, even Martin should be able not to get lost this time ;), where we will have reserved a "special garage" to park all the cars and have lunch together.

After lunch, everyone is free to do and go where he/she likes. There will be a VLN race at the Ring, you can visit the Nurburgring Plaza but if you want to explore the amazing roads surrounding the Nordschleife you can do so.

At night we will meet everyone at the hotel where we will have dinner with the now famous NSX quiz, Prize ceremony and Charity Auction.


Sunday MAY 15
On Sunday we will go to one of our most favorite tracks: Spa-Francorchamps during the Spa Classic. And this will be an edition to remember! This year the red NSX that was owned by Ayrton Senna will join us on the paddock and even better, YOU will have a chance to drive it on track (you can read more about it on our Facebook page).

This year we will be at the race day, so we will have the opportunity to see the legendary Group C cars going against each other.

As usual you will have the chance to drive your own NSX at the track during one of the track sessions.


Arnaud Taquet - www.prestigesportcars.eu
Last year we had top photographer Dennis Noten with us. This time we will have the pleasure of welcoming Arnaud Taquet as our Tour Photographer. Arnaud has done commercial work for BMW, Lexus, McLaren Automotive, Alpina GmbH, Seat S.A, Audi France, Honda, Pagani Automobili, Hyundai Motors, VW Group, Mercedes-Benz and many more and has done photo-reports for Top Gear and Drive Magazine. On top of that he is a big fan of the NSX and was very close to purchasing one this year.


We are still working out most of the details and are trying our best to negotiate the best prices. Hopefully we can give you the final confirmation of the agenda and prices the first or second week of January. This is also when we will officially open the registrations.

For now, you can block your agenda on 13, 14 & 15 May ;)

Bas & Dimer
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Ok who can help me to find a container to transport my NSX from US to Europe in May? This is a fantastic tour!
Ok who can help me to find a container to transport my NSX from US to Europe in May? This is a fantastic tour!

Seriously, that would be pretty neat: Spa and the Nurburgring. Say $3k for shipping from east coast to Rotterdam and back....I wonder what insurance would be.....
I'm planning on attending since I'll be in Germany on business the week before however I'll be nsxless �� For the trip but would love to tag along.
Love it, thanks for posting this, especially hitting 263kph. Nice! Was that on the Autobahn? I wasn't paying attention to the road signs.

Also, raining at Spa? Shock!!! I went to a Grand Prix there in the late 80's in an Alfa Spider, poured all day, got back to the car and found an inch of water in the footwells.... and we had to drive back to Groningen, NL for 5 hours, and with a fading clutch master cylinder where we gradually lost gears from 1st up through 5th until after a couple of hours, 5th was all we had left! But I digress....

Hopefully NSXPO will have some similar quality video, pity about the Florida roads though.....:eek:(