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NSXPO 2014 Ohio

2 October 2003
NOTL, Ontario. Canada
Official Announcement for NSXPO 2014!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have dates -- Tuesday October 14 - Saturday October 18, 2014

This NSXPO is being handled slightly differently than the past. Track days will be

Tuesday - Thursday October 14 - 16 from 8AM - 12PM each day and will be held at

Social registration will start on the evening of Wednesday October 15 and the social

portion will go through the rest of the week.

We have some amazing things being set up for NSXPO 2014:
* Beautiful country drives
* Museums
* Big “TECH DAY” with hands on possibilities
* Large Vendors area ( bring your money )
* Chassis Dyno for those people who “ just want to know
* Car show
* Saturday banquet dinner with awards and guest speakers (TBA)

Keep an eye out for an early bird registration!
Further details to follow. See you at NSXPO 2014!

I will update this post as information comes in and do my best along with the rest of the board to make sure we stay on top of questions you ask.

Current Members of the NSX Club of Canada are welcome to attend:

Bram and fellow Canuck NSXers --

I am sure that a number your MI friends (yours truly (Jeff Zauberman), Neal, Cindy, Judi, Brian and others) will attend given geographic proximity. Maybe we can arrange to meet up here in suburban Detroit and caravan down to NSXPO together if the planets line up. Keep me posted on who all is going and as we get closer let's see what we can work out.

The get-together at Rob's looked like fun. Sorry I was unable to make it. Somehow given sorry state of our roads I doubt my car will come out to play until June/July.

My son Dean ( who Bram named "little guy") and me, Scott, on our first one.......look forward to meeting you.
Bram, he isnt so little any more!
My son Dean ( who Bram named "little guy") and me, Scott, on our first one.......look forward to meeting you.
Bram, he isnt so little any more!

Hey Scott,

Yes, you and the "little guy" (Dean), Now a "BIg Guy" will have fun in Ohio!... seeing that this is your first NSXPO, you will get to meet some of the Folks and put some faces to the names of various Primers. I would recommend that you take the Honda Plant tour, and if it includes the engine manufacturing facilities you will enjoy this aspect of the tour very much. There sould be a good selection of vendors as well, so come prepared to spend some $$.

Unfortunatly, I will not be attending this years NSXPO, therefore our famous "Canadian embassy" will not be open..... regardless you and the "Big Guy" will have fun, as all NSXPO's are special.

Hi Bram, sorry to hear you wont be there, was looking forward to catching up again!
Anyway, I am sure we will meet again at a NSX event somewhere on the planet. And yes we are very keen for the plant tour.....
Cheers Scott
Hey Bram...........the Honda plant tour is not open to all particpants, only 40/day and the Exec for NSXPO2014 will be drawing names and advising us if we are chosen. I believe there are ONLY 80 spots over 2 days Oct 15/16 and 6 sports are reserved for the Exec. Committee............all is posted on the NSXPO thread. Sorry I won't see you there...........I'll be with my Amigos from NY/PA/NJ........
It's all on the OFFICIAL SITE.............it's NOT the fault of the committee since they are doing a GREAT job, it was Honda/Acura who backed out and now there are some FANTASTIC events that will make this memorable............like last NSXPO there won't be many Canadians since they're too worried about putting miles on their cars.........just a car as I always said, and it still is just a car!
Shawna -- ouch! Your ex-pat Torontonian Jeff (now living in Michigan) checking in here -- you might recall we met at last years NSXPO. I've spent some time with the Ontario NSX gang -- never got the impression that they considered their rides garage queens. Guessing there are a few other Canucks who will attend so perhaps we should get the Canadian group together for some butter tarts and a few Bradors -- now there's a weird combination -- LOL. I look forward to seeing you again.

Bram, hello and sorry for the long silence -- had a bunch of other priorities over the spring/summer that I needed to deal with so didn't spend much time with the NSX. Hope to see you soon.


haha - I'm bringing some butter tarts for my US friends who can't get them. Don't think many Canucks are going, just a few like last year and will see you there - we arrive Wed mid day in 'anticipation' of having our names drawn for the TLX tour. Now if we can all just hope for great weather..........bring your helmet as there hasn't been an official posting (yet) but they will be needed for the Honda track............drive safe, see you Wed.
Bram, hello and sorry for the long silence -- had a bunch of other priorities over the spring/summer that I needed to deal with so didn't spend much time with the NSX. Hope to see you soon.


Hey Jeff, glad to hear that you are attending NSXPO, I'm sure you will have a great time and represent the Canadian Crew.

BTW, you may want to book off time for Est Fest next year and join the rest of MI gang at this event...it's going to be Epic.

Shawna, I have some office nonsense that is going to prevent me from arriving on Wednesday so my plan is to depart for OH Thurs by 1 PM to arrive in time to make the Marysville festivities on Thurs evening. I relinquished my chance at the tour -- emailed Don about that last week so hopefully your name will be drawn. At any rate the new TLX which I have driven (sorry Acura fans) IMHO doesn't represent much of an improvement over my beloved /06 TL so I'm really not all that interested in the factory tour. As for the Honda track I don't think I'm going to make it on time for that -- I may have missed it on itinerary but thought was Thurs afternoon just when I'll be driving down. At any rate I'll look forward to spending a bit more time with you and the other Canucks this year. And FWIW, I'm bringing good friend from Toronto -- he has dual citizenship -- LOL.

Bram, let me know when est fest is in /15 and I'll be sure to clear my calendar this time, thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed NSXPO 2014, my first one! Was great to meet other NSX enthusiasts, see the Honda facilities, and especially meet some fellow Canadians NSXers. A few of us even took in a Flames game, which they unfortunately lost.

The whole event was excellent, well organized and fun. I do have 2 regrets: not bringing my NSX, and being a little too enthusiastic at the auction after the banquet- but at least that money went to a good cause.

I'm very much looking forward to 2015.
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