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6 February 2004
Indialantic, FL
I finally found the right X for the right price. The best part is that it was living 5 miles from my house and I never even knew it until it went up for sale. I brought it home last night and have thought about nothing else since. I can't concentrate on work and keep getting up to go out and look at the car or drive to another building for no real business reason. I'm a kid with a new toy and boy what a toy!
It's a 1995 red/black T 5 speed that I bought from the original owner (cardiologist) who drove it less than 500 miles in the last three years. Only enough to keep the battery from going dead and lubricating it. He advertised it in totally the wrong place, a new classified book and online company similar to Trader On Line but called http://www.autoextra.com/ that is not very well known and definitely not the place to advertise your NSX for sale but great for me as a buyer.
It's bone stock with 63,000 miles on it and is in outstanding condition. The doctor was religious about the services with the exception of not yet having the timing belt and water pump done and using petroleum based oil at the 3000 mile oil changes instead of synthetic. He drove the car so conservatively that I am not too concerned.
I'll be ordering a new tire and wheel package from Tom Bell and have already placed an order with Mark at Dali for oil filters and some parts.

Thanks to all of you for being such a great community of people and an indispensable resource for this wonderful piece of mechanical excellence. I look forward to being more active as a member and helping where I can.

Got to go now and get another NSX fix!
Welcome and have fun!A nice sunset cruise with a friend, the tick tick of your jewel like motor as background music,nothing finer. :biggrin:
Congrat's and welcome to the cult.

Let's see some pic's!
Congrats on the buy.
He must've drove it quite a bit when he first got it then all but stopped driving for the last three years. :confused: Seems kinda odd.