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NX nitrous for sale with all the safety features


21 October 2005
Home of the Free
Little Change of direction in my project. I have these parts for sale. This is the same kit that took SNDSOUL in 11's 1/4 mile. With these safety features and extra parts you can safely produce 75-100 hp/tq. I bought all the safetly features I can to make sure I don't short cut anything on my nsx. Thats $2000 of parts for half of the price. $1000 obo. I also have the direct port kit for the nsx goes for $780 for $500. Or for direct port with all the safety features, polished bottle etc ,etc for $1400. With the direct port you can tune each cylinder for max performance and max safety. You can controll the A/F ratio and nitrous supply in each cylinder. You can easily run 100 + hp shot direct very safely. Call around and ask performance shops and see what they think about going direct port. Or better yet do some reading on nitrous get Joe Petit Sport Compact nitrous book on ebay. And realize so much nitrous can do, there so much more to nitrous than hook it up and push a button, read on all the things you can do with nitrous. You can controll all aspects of nitrous and make alot safe power, just need to read on it and see what will work best for you. Seriously get the nitrous book by Joe Petit and if you don't like it I will buy it off you for the price you paid and pay for you to ship it to me. Directport with all the safety features for $1400.

Parts list:
Direct port kit( retail $780)
Nitrous Express Polished 10lb bottle (retail $349)
Full tank with 10 lbs of nitrous. ($45)
billet aluminum bottle brackets (retail $249)
Nitrous express solenoids for nitrous and fuel, 2 ( retail $100 ea)
Dual stage wet kit fogger nozzle (retail $100)
jets for 35,50,75 shots (retail $20 ea set)
MSD Rpm window activation switch with 3000,5000 and 7000 pills (retail $49 per pack)
MSD Rpm activation switch (retail $100)
MSD tach driver (retail $79)
custom mount for MSD boxes (I made it out of 1/2" lexan)
Fuel pressure safety switch, NIB (retail $49)
WOT switch
horn button ring kit for aftermarket steering wheel (retail $75)
purge kit (retail $150)
zublin rpm window switch ( retail price:$60 )
B&m fuel pressure regulator ( retail price $60)
Autometer nitrous pressure gauge (retail $248 with sender)
Nitrous pressure gauge sending unit
Autometer AFR gauge (retail $100)

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