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O'car vs iRoc

iroc doesn't rotate. I own an O'car. Mimics is a totally different thing. Expensive, complex, and unnecessary IMO.
Turbo, can you send post a few pics, im kinda worried about how much the ocar sticks out of the dash. Have you had any issues with it getting in the way or phone functions

I LOVE my o'car but my unit has already started to malfunction so I don't recommend it. There is another guy here that has one installed in an NSX and there are photos. Do a search on o'car.

I installed mine in my Honda element test trial before I cut up my nsx console, and I am glad that I did. It looks fine in there but on the NSX console it will stick out further. The rotation is key however so I wouldn't get the iRoc. There is a new O'car due out in the summer with improvements. Wait for that one or just use your phone with a plug. Put it in the coin tray for now. You don't really need an iPhone "radio". I am working on a kit to make this easy in the NSX.