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Odd gearbox, snapring???

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
Hi all,

I got this really odd problem with my gearbox, which i do not really know what to think of it (sorry 4 bad english).
My gearbox is a only a few numbers in the snapring-failure range (it's a 1993, well sold in 1993 to it's 1st owner in Germany, some bits on the car show a 1993, others a 1992)

The problem i do encounter:
When driving flat-out, shifting up and down, kicking the crap out of my NSX, there are no problems what so ever.....
When driving to a trafficlight, leaving it into 2nd or 4th gear, clutch not engaged, until the engine-revs go below it's idle, and then engaging the clutch, it seems hard to get it out of it's gear.
I noticed this is getting a little bit worse lately, though it's not always doing it.

It might have to do with the clutch, but then i should also be noticeable under different circumstances, such as moving to first gear, and when guickly up/down shifting.
And, there was a invoice with the car when i bought it, showing a clutch replacement already, and i bought the car with 80K KM on it.

Another option is that there isn't enough oil in the gearbox, i'll have to check that, but things don't come that easy in my life....

Please don't tell me it's the snapring...... they don't know the word 'goodwill' or TSB overhere.....

I might sound a bit depressed, but thats becuase this butcher pulled my wisdomteeth 2 days ago, remembering a dentist on the forum that is....

1993 Black/Black (JHMNA11500T100266)
93000 Km (kilometers) 58K Miles
For pics see http://worldofhonda.com/nsx/pics/anoniem4m.jpg
I would recommend that you do not allow the revs to drop to idle before taking it out of gear.

You may wish to try an experiment.

Evaluate your "sticky clutch" at 2K, 1.5K and 1K revs as you come to a stop. I think you'll find an improvement by raising the point where you take it out of gear as you come to a stop.
Thankx nsxman for the reply,

I tried youre suggestions, and it seems when youre taking it out of gear at higher rpm's, the problem is not there.
I also noticed that if you do let it getting to low revs, but 'slam' the clutch in, the problem is not there either, and the problem is gone for a short while. I remember a post in the faq about something like that.

I'll do have to say that the other day (just before it went worse), i made a big mistake. I did (well, tried...) a quick burnout, but forgot to put it in first gear (was in second). Off course you'll understand that the smoke following this incident was not comming from the tires............

The clutch is ok though, no slip, and it 'bangs' fine when doing a clutch-check.

I spoke to my (well, thats the only one here in Holland) NSX mechanic, and told me the clutch is engaging rather difficult as well (hard to push in).
As i'm doing a 100K service soon, i'll suppose that they change the clutch at the same time....

Thankx again.

1993 Black/black