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Odessey Battery PC680 info for all

8 September 2005
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I just found some great info for my PC680 and wanted to pass it on.

I've had Odessey PC680's since I got my car (came with the car) and was told like an average car battery 2-3 years was standard. I bought my 4th one last November.

I was very aggravated that even with my battery tender it wouldn't last longer than 2+ years but I thought that was good with the small size and nature of the battery.

When my most recent one from November died in 7 months I looked for a warranty exchange with Odessey/Enersys. But they told me that warranties were only due to manufacturer defect.....in this case they believe what killed my battery was a bad battery charger/tender.
They also mentioned that if the battery was dead for an extended time it was probably no longer good any longer as these batteries need to maintain charge (it took 2 months to get something done as I've been busy with work)

So I'm thinking my Batts done.

One of the senior advisors told me to get a specific charger (Ctek: Mus7002) got one in Amazon for $93.

He also told me to use a specific mode (snowflake setting) to charge the battery for 24 hrs, then to connect the battery to the car and run it dead using headlights, then recharge it for 24 hours.

Well where other charges didn't work. .... this one did
So when it did, I recalled having another old Odessey battery that had been sitting on the shelf for over 9 months dead..... Odessey said it was trash.... but it's not

I now have 2 batteries. ... each showing 13 Volts

Moral: get the right charger for the right battery - CTEK : MUS7002 on ebay/ amazon LINK ->http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FRLO9Y?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

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Anyone know why to run it dead?

I was going to go with this route and instead compromise with a Miata battery which is 27lbs. I successfully started my car after sitting for 2 months with the Miata battery.

i use a Odyssey charger for my PC680... i have the car stopped for 1 year now,
and will have to check the battery... most sure is dead...

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I currently have a NSX and S2000 running PC680's, which have been just fine for a few years now simply using Battery Tender Jr's.


i got that... it's just weird for me that they recommend a third party
charger over their own.

Been using an Odyssey PC925 since 1997 - replaced it once (in 2008) just because it had been in the car so long. Use a CTEK 3300 charger.
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