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OEM ECU memory map

9 September 2001
Somewhere on the Cumberland Plateau
Is anyone familiar with the stock NSX ECU memory map? This info - the memory locations and formatting of spark and timing and related parameters - has long been available for other makes & models of cars (for instance the 87 Buick Grand National ECM map is well-known). In fact, software is available for other cars which allows the user to custom program OEM chips.

Having this info would be very useful, for example, in tuning a CTSC or BBSC for maximum HP while retaining use of the stock ECU (and TCS function). If the memory maps for later model years were available, similar tuning of later model throttle-by-wire and OBD II NSXs would be possible. Several current (and not-so-current) NSX aftermarket vendors sell custom chips which were obviously developed with knowledge of the ECU mapping - so the info is out there. Sharing this information would greatly benefit the entire NSX community by encouraging more active involvement by more people, in developing better engine management solutions for all model years of the NSX.