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OEM Fat Fives - SOLD

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17 February 2014
Fairfield, CA
Hello everyone!

I'm running out of storage space in my house. I'm curious to know how much my fat fives would be worth. I saw a full set with wheels go for $6k and other sets around $1k on BAT. These came with the car when I purchased it but they were not installed. I suspect these may have been refinished prior to my ownership because all of them say "Fully painted" on the inner part of the wheel. The previous owner did not inform me if they were repainted or not. Wheel #2 has a minor paint chip on the face. None of them have curb rash on the face, but the inner portion(the side that faces the car) of all the wheels has deep scratches. Wheel cap #2 has a scratch on the face. I thought I took a picture of it but I don't see it on my phone. I will update when the weather settles.

I'd say about $500 shipped, and I'd be happy to take them off your hands since they are taking up so much space! :LOL:

Honestly NSX stuff seems to be arbitrarily priced (edit: Likely because there just isn't enough traffic to determine 'normal' pricing). I bought 40k OEM suspension for $450 and then I saw another set on prime for $1500 (not sure if they sold).

Here is a set from Japan that need to be refinished for $460.

Here is a very good set, near mint for $1400:

Assume another 3-400 in processing and shipping fees and I would say the market for a mint set without tires is about 2K. But that's for someone who knows that these websites exist. For the US market, not having to deal with an auction site/third party...maybe $2500?

I don't usually use BAT to determine market value so that 6k fat 5 sale was a fluke IMO. The same wheels today would for sure not get that much.

There are a variety of auctions just on Jsauce for individual good condition fat 5s for about $100 each. So you can see the range that's possible.
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Yes sir I had 2 full sets 15/16 gifted to me over the years, ended up having 3 sets and sold one set locally for $275 a few years back to someone who wanted to return their na1 back to stock.
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