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OEM Head Unit cassette door swap?

1 April 2002
San Francisco
Has anyone here ever done a cassette door swap on a OEM head unit? Is this possible?
It's a PITA, but you can do what I did as an alternative. I took a piece of black electrical tape and pressed it onto the door. Then I took a scalpel and trimmed it to size. Even though doesn't have any Honda markings on it, it does block out the Acura and Bose writing and no one knows the difference. :cool: My car now has no Acura markings visible to the average person. :biggrin:
'Honda' or 'Acura'?

Has anyone here ever done a cassette door swap on a OEM head unit?

Is this possible?

The 1993 Honda Accord SE came w/ a BOSE head-unit that had the same sized cassette door as the head-unit in the NSX; however it said "Honda BOSE" on it... therefore, many people re-badging their NSX w/ Honda emblems acquired those particular cassette doors. The cassette door on foreign market 1993 Accord SE models had only "BOSE" on them.

As far other Acura models w/ the same size cassette door as the NSX, no one has ever confirmed/verified of such that I am aware of.
I had the same problem and got a spare unit from one of m3456y's Legends and until I got it apart it looked like it would fit.
There were the subtleist of differences that wouldn't allow it to fit properly.
BrianK had a spare one along time ago he wanted $50 for. He may still have it.
I found a complete unit here, (thanks again NSXPrime) for the same price that the door was like new and got that one.
It's a little fiddly but you can do it.

Mine came off on accident before. I couldn't get it back on without taking off the center console and taking apart the stereo. It's time consuming this way, but not very difficult.
Ask Vytas. He did it on his old NSX. He can give you very detailed instructions.

If you get instructions, please post them. I wanted to do a swap on my head unit a few years ago but since I couldn't immediately see how to do it, couldn't find any instructions, and didn't want to risk breaking anything, I just put the radio back into my car again as is.
The cassette door I'm trying to swap is not from an Accord....it's an oem NSX HU from Asia. It has the lower AM/FM Frequency band (68.1-89.8 on the fm) which does not work here in the U.S......hence the cassette door swap. Short of swapping out the entire gut of the radio, I figure the cassette door would be the easiest way? :confused: Does anyone have an actual picture of the OEM JDM HU from an NSX?
I bought an old broken deck here on prime to play with, and it was much harder than I thought it would be. You almost have to kinda bend the door a little bit to get it in there. I don't know if I have the juevos to try it on my personal deck for fear of breaking the little door.