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OEM Nose Mask vs. Colgan?


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
I am deciding between the OEM mask and the Colgan. I was wondering if anyone has had both or can speak to real world differences between the two. Second, I have not seen any NSX with COLGAN yet. Since the colgan covers the front part of the hood as well, I am a bit concerned of how it will look. ANy help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
I am not familiar with the cologan but the factory unit is a bear to put b/c it must be sandwiched between the hood and the bumper cover which could bend the hood upon closing if not careful. In my opinion, I would take whatever covered the largest portion of the car w/o flapping and run with it. I would not car how it looked at all as long as it protected the car when I needed it to. (i.e long trips)
I have been using a Colgan mask for about a year and am very satisfied with it. Lots of potential rock chips on the roads in my area of Northern Arizon. The mask comes in two pieces; one over the front of the car, the other over the leading foot or so of the hood. The headlight covers are also progected. Closing the hood with the mask in place is somewhat more difficult, but do-able without any damage. I have not detected any flapping at speeds up to 100 mph (I've not driven faster with the mask on). Hope this helps.