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  1. N

    OEM radio

    Sold for $200 on facebook. Pulled from my 91. When I bought the car in 2014, the radio was not working. When I turned it on, the lights came on, as well as the screen, but no sound was coming from the speakers. Not even the popping noise that other owners report. When I removed the radio, it...
  2. Heineken

    Radio Head Unit (EU 1992) Repair and Capacitor Replacement

    A German radio from a 1992 NSX arrived in the worst possible state - it wasn't turning on. So far only half of the radios in this state could be saved since the acid damage can be quite severe and there aren't replacements for all of the parts in the radio. If proprietary chips are affected it's...
  3. A

    Alternator, after radio, screen, red interior, keyless entry alarm system

    Hi, I’m looking for the above. Alternator can be used or new. Radio can be oem, aftermarket, or aftermarket screen type but it has to be plug and play with the factory harness and Bose system. Don’t want to chop wires at all for that. Red interior like the one that sold for 2500 with seats, door...
  4. A

    Looking for some parts, alternator and a radio

    Hi, looking for an alternator, used or new. Also looking for a radio/head unit that plugs and plays with the stock harness and Bose system. Thanks guys. New here. Don’t know if it’s the right place to put it. Let me know mods
  5. 1

    Interior WTB 2002-2005 oem radio stereo

    looking for a late model 02+ factory stereo located in socal thank you
  6. S

    Radio buttons not working

    Hello everyone this is my first post on the forums. I own a 96 NSX and the 1-8, tune, AM/FM buttons do not work whatsoever. They worked awhile ago and now they don't. They light up but when pushing them they don't respond. My radio is stuck at a random station, I have taken out the radio unit...
  7. S

    OEM radio non-working or shell

    I'm looking for a faceplate/ shell or non-working gem radio. Thanks!
  8. torontonsx

    Need Standard original radio

    Hi guys I’m looking for a Radio for my 2004 NSX I ny an original one so if you guys are taking the radio out of your car and put in some big stereo I’ll take your old one let’s get a deal done Gary
  9. T

    Interior OEM Bose Radio

    #3[/URL] 33333]© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Ulloa (google map) condition: fair make / manufacturer: Acura I recently upgraded the radio in my '94 and no longer need the factory radio. It was working when I pulled it but it has a few issues: 1. The display isn't working. It...
  10. T

    Interior OEM Bose Radio

    I recently upgraded my radio and no longer need the factory radio. The radio is functioning but it has a few issues: 1. No display. The display is completely blank and it won't display any station info at all. It will tune into all the stations, You just have to 'know' which station you're...
  11. J

    FS IL: 02-05 Center Radio Console, Vent, Ashtray Lid Set

    SOLD Name: Jason Location: Palatine, IL Contact: PM Price: $675 Shipped SOLD Hello all, I have for sale a center console, center vent, ashtray lid and cigarette lighter trim that specific to model years 02-05. Everything is in good shape with normal wear throughout and no cracks. Check...
  12. J

    FS IL: Radio Assembly

    Name: Jason Location: Palatine, IL Contact: PM Price: $175 Hello all, I have for sale a radio assembly that I will not be needing. I know very little about the unit and am therefore selling it as parts only. Even as parts, these are still hard to come by. Please see the pic for the exact...
  13. J

    FS IL: 02-05 Center Console Radio Trim

  14. chussey

    New Science of Speed Composite Center Console

    SOLD I have a brand new never installed, cut or used Science of Speed Composite Center Console. Perfect condition. https://www.scienceofspeed.com/index.php/scienceofspeed-composite-center-console.html Price on their website is $250 plus $20 shipping. $230 shipped.
  15. chussey

    WANTED: Single Din Center Console

    Looking for a single din console that makes use of the OEM ash tray, cig lighter, aspirator fan, coin holder, etc. I have a SOS brand new console uncut if anyone is interested in a trade.
  16. N

    Interior OEM Head Unit

    Up for sale is a used, NON-WORKING OEM Radio Head Unit (P/N 39100-SL0-A000-M1) from my '91 NSX. This unit was once repaired and worked great for a few years and then recently failed. I sent it in for follow-up repairs and was told that it was beyond repair and only useful for parts (individual...
  17. chussey

    WTB: SIngle DIN center console

    Looking for a single din console that does not require cutting and mounting of the aspirator fan, coin holder, etc. I have a SOS brand new console uncut if anyone is interested in a trade.
  18. chussey

    Fully functional Radio Head Unit in Great Shape

    These are getting tougher and tougher to find in good and working condition. Head unit from my 91, in great shape, all functions work properly. Replaced with aftermarket. $490
  19. chussey

    GROM Audio USB and Android Adapter for stock Stereo

    GROM-AND2-MBUS Interface Allows you to keep your OEM head unit in place. Connects to CD changer port Listen to songs or audio books on USB flash drive or Android phone (using AALinQ app) Folders in the USB drive are mapped to an individual "Disc" button on head unit. Android phone charging...
  20. CoolKidCar

    What's the best navigation system to fit in a navpod.

    Hey everyone, I've ordered my nav pod and am looking for advice regarding the best tablet/screen/system to run. I'm looking for that factory feel and functionality while being able to use the display as my navigation/digital radio/camera monitor. Thanks in advance for the advice! Doing my best...
  21. NewEra

    Bose Speakers and Subwoofer for Sale

    Hey Prime, I'm stripping the stock audio system out of my car and replacing with modern components so won't be needing the stock stuff. I haven't used the stock radio once since buying the car in September so not completely sure of their condition, but they did produce sound when i turned the...
  22. chussey

    Custom Single DIN center console, needs some work

    For sale is a center console modified for use with a single DIN radio. It also has a storage compartment below the radio cutout. The console is beginning to crack on each side beneath this storage area, but has not broken yet. Expect to have to do some further customizing/repair before use...
  23. Heineken

    Interior Broken NSX Radio

    For a micro-controller project (providing FM and DAB+ radio inside the original NSX radio, keeping all buttons and knobs fully functional) I need an NSX radio. A defect or broken radio would be fine, too (only outer shell, front panel, buttons and knobs need to be OK).
  24. B

    Is replacing the entire stereo system the way to go?

    Hi Old Friends, and new friends too. I still have my '92 NSX and am getting it back into driving shape, which didn't require much as it has been a garage queen for a couple years. But now I am faced with what the Acura Dealer said was a failed head unit on the stereo. (The symptom was I was...
  25. chussey

    Two NSX head unit radios (need work) $290

    NSX head unit, partially taken apart. $120 shipped Display and audio did not work before being disassembled.