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Official Houston NSX sightings

spotted a red nsx with black wheels and a black R spoiler parked at CVS on Grandmission and Westpark yesterday evening coming home at work. looking good!
I saw wantNSX82 on the beltway a couple of days ago. Car looked and sounded amazing at speed, I don't know how you get around with it being so slow but looks great!
Saw an all stock BB NA1 in front of kolache Factory in Vinatage Park this morning on the way to work.

I was in my slammed daily BB NA1 :)
Spotted a red flip up head lights . Lowered with a nice set if wheems. traveling on beltway heading north by 290. Looks great rolling
Saw a red 91 with chromed original wheels. Met the owner, Sven, at Sugar Land Town Center. This is a beautiful 2 owner car. What a treat to see the car and meet the owner - a super nice guy.
NSXonWheels, This is the car we saw a few months ago. You should been there.
Spotted a yellow flip up headlights just now on bellaire. It has chrome aftermarket wheels. I was right behind you in the suv
Red NA2 Southbound on Weslayan in West U. Today at 10:17. Chrome wheels. Anyone here and do you live in the area? I'm close by.
Saw a black NA1 NSX on West Airport/59 (near the construction 1 lane closed) this morning on my way to work, made me super jelly!
Spotted one a Black Flip-ups slammed on Mugen M7 15 min ago on 249 turning a right on N. Houston Rosslyn. I was test driving my customer 07 A-spec TL.

That thing was sweet!!!

this same one? lol it's chea's

also spotted a stock black na1 on 290 around 730 pm today heading toward the galleria.
Probably my error on a quick glance. I'm in Ayrshire on Academy, where abouts in the hood are you located?
Red pop-up spotted on Saturday June 28th, around 8:00PM parked in front of the storefront for Azuma / Sambucca in the downtown area.
By chance, did the owner graduate from UTDB @ Houston?
No it is an aftermarket exhaust. It came with the car when I got it. I have been told it is Teitec, others says it is not, some say it advance. I have no clue what brand it is but it does sound nice. It know it is titanium though because I had to remove for maintenance and it is super light weight.

Yay, I've been spotted!
Your exhaust stock? It sounded nice
Spotted a Blacked out Na1 in my parent's neighborhood yesterday (Hall Lake in Sugar Land) around 6:30PM or so.
Anyone here?
Holy smokes, I got to work at Halliburton (near IAH) and found one parked just a few spaces away. Black, pop-ups, shark antenna, aftermarket wheels.
I thought I was the only one!:biggrin:
Saw a BB NA1 NSX black wheels, going down Allen Parkway/Kirby and making a right in to the big neighborhood, was following a bit in a 14' black is350 f-sport.

Sounded nice, and wide tires, anyone here?