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Official San Antonio Roster

21 December 2010
San Antonio area
Howdy, y'all! I've searched for any thread indicating a roster for San Antonio owners and came up empty. I've often wondered how many NSX owners there were in these parts so...I thought I'd start one for future reference. Basically looking for other San Antonio (and surrounding area) NSX owners for future group drives/meets/get-togethers/etc. My NSX lives at Canyon Lake but like me, it considers itself a San Antonian. 1. brettowen (Brett) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
2. Lostbuckeye (Ed)
Well...guess it's just you and me, Ed. Funny...I thought there were more Prime members in SA.
Yeah....I saw those rosters. Thanks for rubbing it in. I know SA doesn't have the population of Houston or the Dallas metro area but jeez.

Wasn't trying to rub it in...just some friendly ribbing. :)

Hell, I'm shocked at how few of us there are in Houston, especially when Houston has it's own sub-section in the Texas section.

DFW needs it's own section. They are MUCH bigger in terms of number of cars and number of owners that like to participate in NSX car related events, gatherings, socials, etc...

I think someone told me that Houston used to have a pretty large NSX community, but many sold their NSXs... :(
Wasn't trying to rub it in...just some friendly ribbing. :)

I know. It also seems the FB page is sucking up much of the oxygen. I prefer NSXPrime. Guess I'm old school.

Ed...I guess you and I are the co-chairs of the San Antonio NSX club! Lol!
What's up guys! I am on the verge of moving from Las Vegas to San Antonio in the next couple of months. You can add me to the long list. Name is Narb

Narb, Cool. Welcome to San Antonio. We do have 4 cars going from San Antonio to NSXPO. So, at least the few of us that are active do travel. There are actually about 12 NSXs that I know of in San Antonio (according to our NSX Guru who services our cars. But they don't seem to be active and I haven't been able to get in touch with them at the various car meets around town. Speaking of NSX service, you will be close to one of the few really good NSX techs around. So, your baby will be well cared for. Let us know when you get here.

Hi Ed, thanks for the message. I would love to make it out with you guys to NSXPO but the timing of it doesn't work for me. I have the move to do and also need to stay here for the SEMA show. I will be in San Antonio 2nd week of November, I would love to meet up sometime to get to you fellow NSX people in town. It seems like we have some mutal friends at XPEL, I actually work for XPEL and now relocating to San Antonio. Small world. Will let you know when I am in town.