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oil pan: ARC or Dali?


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7 May 2004
Aurora, IL
Due to my '92 stock oil pan's drain bung deterioration, I've decided that I should simply replace the pan. I figure I'll upgrade as long as I'm doing it. Anyone having used the ARC or Dali pan have any thoughts or impressions? Fitment or quality issues? I see that the Dali pan warns about the Comptech header fitment issue. I plan on Comptech headers in the future and the workaround doesn't seem a big deal, but still is more work nonetheless. Is there another option? I've heard that the new style stock pan has internal baffles vs. my current '92 pan, is that true?

Any insights are appreciated!
I have the ARC pan which initially I was going to add an oil temp. sending unit into the second bung hole, but later tapped into the area above the oil filter instead per Chad's recommendation.

The oil pan adds roughly 1.5 extra quarts of oil to the system and also has baffles around the pickup unit. It's well made, but lacks some restrictor pins (as I call them) on the flange surface. These are built in on the stock oil pan to keep you from over torquing the gasket. My tech had to use a good gasket seal (which comes with the pan kit) with the stock gasket to make sure it didn't leak. So far no problems after 5 track sessions and 5,000 miles.

I have the original Comptech header design (before everyone went to stainless) and the pan still fits fine. The headers have to come off to install the pan whether they are stock or not. I do notice a very tight fit in this area and I think I've detected some minor grind marks which may have been done by SOS or ARC. But it all clears and fits.

I'm not sure how much the aluminum pan aids in cooling the oil, but I would have to say little, since the headers also pass very close to it and probably add as much heat as it also cools. I would have to call it a wash when compared to a stock pan.

I like my ARC unit and so far it has functioned for me as designed with the added good looks that I like. I can give you no further information on the newer stock pans since I haven't seen any of these.
Thanks, that is good info. It seems like you've had a good experience with the ARC. I'm also thinking that because the ARC is new and not refurbished, I'd have less of a chance that the drain bung is somehow warped. That might not be guaranteed with even a refurbished pan, since it has been used before.

It looks like the kit only comes with the liquid gasket maker and not the gasket itself, is that correct?
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Well mine only came with the liquid gasket material since I bought mine used. It also should come with the longer bolts you will need. I had the dealer install mine and he used both the stock gasket and some form of gasket sealer with it (white in color) to make sure everything sealed tightly. So far so good. You can always ask Chris at SOS about all the parts in the kit. Good luck.
Those aren't really baffles in the ARC oil pan. At most, you can call them blocks. I wonder which is better, ARC 'blocks' or the dali baffles?

I also wonder if it is neccessary to increase the oil capacity?

nsxhk said:
Those aren't really baffles in the ARC oil pan. At most, you can call them blocks. I wonder which is better, ARC 'blocks' or the dali baffles?

I also wonder if it is neccessary to increase the oil capacity?


you can never have too much oil capacity at the track. Measure your oil temp sometime after 20 laps at full throttle :biggrin: the more oil the more thermal mass = lower temperature.

I'm still experiencing a slow leak around the oil pan bung hole. There must be a fix out there.... please help.

Thnx in advance.

Try replacing the fiber gaskets the pan comes with for these bolts with the stock OEM aluminum crush washers. That should fix the problem. By the way there will be no warping of the area near these holes. The drain plug is heavy duty and the aluminum casting in that area has a ground finish and is very thick.
Good luck.