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Okay, New Question-symptoms of plugged ac dryer

The dryer is pretty free flowing. If it's actually clogged that would indicate a LOT of debris got pushed into it because your compressor failed. The filter surface area is much greater than the cross-section of the transport lines. Driers are replaced because they can get saturated and are needed to keep the refrigerant free from water.
A quick way to test if your dryer is plugged is to feel the lines going in/out of it. They should be about the same temp

When the system is working correctly...they are!
When the system is NOT working into dryer is warm...out of dryer is cold.
Sounds like a logical place to start.
I can't remember the last time a drier clogged up. They simply help keep moisture from the system. I guess anythings possible but from my experience, I've never seen it. It's usually the orfice tube that clogs up but I don't think these cars have that.