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On the fence about buying NSX with high-boost CTSC setup

What would you do if you were me?

  • Look for another car

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  • Buy the car and replace high-boost kit with low-boost kit

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  • Buy the car and run it as-is if the stock fuel system is fine

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  • Other?

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6 May 2018
Hey Prime,

I could really use some advice from those familiar with the Comptech superchargers.

I'm currently seriously considering buying this NSX that checks almost all my boxes. I love the car, a low-mileage NA1 coupe, but there are two serious concern that have me on the fence.

The first is that that the NSX is running the high-boost kit (with the newer-ish 1.7L Autorotor blower). The car is also currently using the stock fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel pump, and no aftermarket FIC (yikes?). Browsing the forum, it really seems like many have had disastrous experiences running the high-boost kit, let alone running it without upgrading the fuel system. From my understanding, if one wants to run the high-boost kit, fuel system upgrades are virtually-non negotiable.

Unfortunately, both the current owner and I live in California, which means we have to follow strict smog laws. Any mods to the fuel system require have to be CARB-approved, and I don't believe there are any aftermarket FIC's, injectors, rails, or pumps for the NSX that have been approved. So if I buy the car I wouldn't even be able to legally upgrade the aforementioned components.

The second complication is that the current owner has put literally only ~1000 miles on the car in the last decade. Since he hasn't really driven it, he hasn't had the car serviced either. He's essentially only driven it to get it smogged every couple of years so he can continue to have it registered. Even though he said the car runs great (and he seems like an honest guy), I don't think he could truly know how reliable the car is, considering how little seat time he's had with the car. I'm worried that since the car's the fuel components could have deteriorated during the 10 years it's been sitting. And from my research, it seems like to avoid trouble with even just the low-boost kit, the stock fuel components would have to be running flawlessly.

This car has basically everything I'm looking for, but I'm terrified that the motor might blow up in the first 5 miles of my ownership.

Is buying this car is basically a catastrophe waiting to happen, and should I just look for another NSX? Is there anyone who has successfully run a high-boost kit with the stock fuel components who could chime in?

Also, if I do buy the car, what kind of precautions should I take to maximize reliability? Should I replace the high-boost kit with the low-boost kit? Or would it suffice to just have the fuel system inspected, and assuming the fuel system is fine, continue to run the high-boost kit?

Anyways, I could really use some advice. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Thanks for reading!