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Oops, new RE010 mislabeled!

1 April 2002
Cleveland Heights, OH USA

Just got new tires put on my 1994 NSX. Well they put on three out of four. The fourth was labeled "Left Front". Luckily the salesman was paying attention and noticed the tread seemed strange. Turns out Bridgestone mislabeled a "Right Front" tire "Left Front". OOOPS!

Good thing they caught it. It would not be fun driving around with the wrong tire on!

Has anyone else had this happen?

BTW. 1. When does the rubber get old? The tires were made in 1998 and 2000. 2. Is Bridgestone still making the Potenza RE010's?

I remembered a while back tire rack is selling the re101s at a good price. Do they still do that? If so who should I talk to?

You can talk to anyone at Tire Rack to get the same price that they offer on their website. I am not aware of any lower price that you can get from them.

If you're a member of the NSX Club of America, you can get wholesale pricing on tires from Discount Tire Direct by calling the contacts listed in your latest issue of NSX Driver.

You'll need to check prices to see which one is lower.