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opinions/experiences on the erebuni body kit and ACR shop

7 February 2001
I've been looking at various body kits and have tentatively decided that I like the erebuni kit. I don't like too much of a racing look and the erebuni looks simple, yet nice. I have a white NSX like scienceofspeed and I like the way the kit looks on that car. I assume it would look the same for me assuming the job is done well. I don't want the fender flares or wing (too aftermarkety), but I like the front spoiler and side fenders.
I know it is a knockoff of the K&N Japan kit kit, but I am not willing to pay a few thousand dollars for a kit... I would rather spend that on performance mods.

My question is what experiences have you had with the erebuni? As long as a good shop does the work, does it look good or is it obvious that the fit is poor? That leads to my second question... has anyone in LA taken their car to ACR to have the work done? They advertise the kit and say they have done the work before.

I will probably get some good feedback this Friday at the meet in Huntington Beach, but I wanted to see if any of you have this kit and what you think of it. Andrie has already given me some advice on another thread. Also, how about ACR? I want to give the car to a shop I trust to do this. If it were mods, I would just take it to Larry. In this case, any recomendations for ACR good/bad.
Any info is appreciated.
my friend has the front and sides on his car. The front fit nice, but significantly lower than stock. So if u have problem going in and out of driveway, it's not for u.

The sides are very crappy. The finish is horrible and the fitment is horrible. Get front erebuni and WW sides, like Chris's car. Looks very nice IMO.
Autocity Bodyshop (ACR) is a well known bodyshop in LA/Alhambra area. It have been in business for 8 years. Most of the big customers are the car dealers (Longo Toyota, Lexus), and many independent used car dealers near Monterey Park/Alhambra fixing minor damages or little dings before putting them on the lot. Some bodykit installation/paint jobs also referred by tuners around that areas. They charge a reasonable flat rate and they don't charge you according what kind of cars you have there. If the job is minor and already have parts, they do it very fast. Because they have a turn-over of 100-150 cars a month in peak season. But I heard that the NSX kit will need to be backorder now because not many people have been asking for the NSX kit. The $900 perviously sold was sold as a promotion item. But if you are serious about that bodykit and willing to wait for about a month, call the number in the web site and ask for Tak and tell him Bob send you. Tak will be happy to sell you a set at that same price. My friend said Tak will be ordering a shipment in these few days and if you want yours, you should let him know before your pieces miss the boat.
I spoke to someone there a couple of days ago. They said when they got a shipment next week, they would give me a call. I'm not sure anymore whether I will get the whole erebuni kit or just the front spolier, but either way I could have them do the work regradless of what I get if they do a good job and don't overcharge. Thanks for the info. I'll try to speak to Tak and see if I can get a good price.
Erebuni stuff is just horrible overall. Check out the ?????Shogun kit for the supra.

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