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Paint delamination

27 June 2011
St.Louis MO area
Anyone have any experience with paint delamination on a spoiler?
Thanks for your response Ken. Have not seen pics yet, it's my son-in-law's car twin to mine, but a 98 and a crack or split appearing on the top of the rear spoiler as I understand it. Hope to have pics to post shortly. Have not located a service bulletin.

I just discovered this weekend, some line either deep scratches, cracks or breaks on the outside lower section of my mirror housings on both sides which I didn't see on the original inspection of the car last year. They are below eye level on the underside, almost exactly the same place, and were probably there when I bought the car. Amazing what we see after washing a couple of times. Was so excited to find my first one, that I more than likely missed a lot.
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