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Passenger window very hesistant to go up

31 May 2001
Brookfield, CT
My passenger side window strains to close, while my driver's side window is perfectly fine.

Is there anything I can do to fix it? Is it too late for the Dali window fix-it's?
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Yes. Lube it and install the fix-it thingies.

Is it too late for the Dali window fix-it's?

No, it's not too late yet. Do it.

Once the regulator clip breaks and the window no longer goes up and down at all, THEN it may be too late.
Nsx-808, I will give you my personal experiance with my windows. I have a close friend that is a long time Acura mechanic. He helps me keep up with my car as well as my windows. We took both of my doors apart entirley. I highly recomend you use the Acura Service manual to help guide you in this process. Make sure you mark the location of the threads on the adjustment screws of the window, otherwise it is a painstaking re-alignment process that requires a lot of measuring and re-measuring to get it right.

You need to take the whole assembly apart to fix the window properly. This includes the regulator, window, guides, etc... You need to clean the window guides out entirely with a grease cleaning solvent. There are 2 of these guides. Over time they become filled with sludge. It seems that aluminium mixes in with the grease as the guides wears and other contanimants eventually mix in too. The lube then becomes hard and useless. We used "Honda Lube" it's green in color. My freind tells me it is the best lube for the job and that is all he uses in the shop. He says it is not affected by temparture like other greases might be.

Now this is a must do. The front black triangle guide on top of the door with a slot for the window must be sprayed with silicone inside the slot. This helps a ton and takes pressure off the window regulator by a bunch. If this is not done you might notice the window struggling to get all the way up when it reaches this point. This will eventually break the regulator and then you will either need the window fixit thing or a new expensive regulator. Hope this helps. if you need any more advise just email me.
If you are going to all of the trouble to take apart your door and clean out everything and re-lube I would definately suggest to install Dali's windows fixit things. This is definately a week link in the NSX's and while it is open you might as well change them out.
Carguy, you are right! I did not do this on my doors and now risk having to take my doors all apart again and that is not fun. I just hope my regulators don't fail.

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Just got my window fixit thingys installed. Nice to now have to worry about them anymore.

92 Red/Blk