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Peter Cunningham at Speedvision Challenge

Nice car, what upgrades does he have going for him? I hate watching people race on speedvision without a clue as to what they got going on; and show makes that body kit?
Actually I took this footage last sunday at Road Atlanta...

He has a vortec supercharger with absolutely nothing else on the car.... well as far as weight savings go. One sparco seat, huge radiator in the front and some sort of body kit....

I know with the wheel off his brake kit looked like it cost more than my civic. I'm sure he has a full assortment of suspension, brake, and weight reduction upgrades at the bare minimum.
Some of the specs on the mods to the car are on the RealTime website at http://www.realtimerl.com then click on Cars and then NSX. It's about what you'd expect given what the series allows - supercharger but otherwise stock engine, aftermarket headers, exhaust, suspension, brakes, massive weight reduction, aerodynamic changes.
BTW thanks for posting those videos Electro! It looks like you guys had a good time and a nice day to watch the race.
I'm curious to know the header system he relies on.

-- Chris


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I would have asked him all sorts of tech questions, but he seemed to be a bit preoccupied... So I didn't want to bother him too much...

What I didn't get on film was me walking back to my NSX (which just so happened to be parked down on winner's circle hehe
) Peter and his girlfriend (wife?) were walking behind me... he mentioned something about my NSX and I told him I'd race him any day! hahahh that would be funny getting my ass whipped by cunningham...

Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
I'm curious to know the header system he relies on.

According to the RealTime website, the car has RTR headers and exhaust. I assume RTR means RealTime Racing meaning they designed and/or fabricated those parts themselves?

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Sorry guys I have to take down this footage.... to save web space... let me know if anyone wants a copy of it again....and i'll put it back up!