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My video clip of GruppeM exhaust sound

27 August 2001
Millbrae, CA 94030
This video clips was taken when I was driving slowly entering parking lot and I did a full throttle on first gear at the end of the clip. Only a short 49 seconds clip at 13MB MPEG file.
- GruppeM Intake, V3 Exhaust & Taitec Header


It will take a minute or two to start downloading.
If you have difficulty downloading the file try this alternative -> Once you click the "download video" a pop up window will appear where it said "download video" image, just put your mouse over the image and right click then choose save target as.

Let me clarify, that video only show me slow moving at 5-10 MPH so I am not trying to capture any Ferrari sound. My friends took it for me because they were using my car in a movie that they made. Also you will not be able to capture a Ferrari sound in a regular camcorder and put it in tiny computer speaker when I was moving in 5-10MPH in the 1st gear inside a mansion's driveway. The standing still was from 0- almost 8000 RPM and I let go the throttle since I was only on a driveway.
And it sounds best only when using Quicktime Player, don't try to use other program to open it.
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ak said:
Sounds good but nothing like Ferrari sound people claim.
I think it sounds quite similar to CERTAIN Ferraris especially the standing drive off segment. All Ferraris sound different. The old 275, 365 V12 sound very crisp and the newer V-8s are a little low tone but compensate for it at higher RPM. In fact, there is a recent post of a exhaust clips page with a Flowmaster exhaust sounding very much like a F355. The 360 actually does not sound as good as the 355, IMO. When I visited Hong Kong a few years back, I met Henry Chan at a morning exotic car drive. There were several 355s and a few 360s for me to sample the exhaust notes.. The 355 has a little more metallic ticking/brass instrument type sound that the 360 lacks. Then of course, it all depends on the engine speed, the wind direction, and how for you are away from the source. I think the GruppeM is very close to a certain Ferraris especially at high rpm on open throttle. I think Setyo should entirely redo the clips by recording them in some remote road and do a few 0-100 runs.