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photos for NSX's For Sale ads

18 March 2006
Phoenix, Arizona
I'm trying to put up an NSX For Sale ad. In the past, I've had difficulty uploading photos to the ad. The photos upload much easier to the My Photos or Album sections in Prime. I don't mind uploading somewhere else on Prime with a link in the ad. Can anybody tell me the best way to do this so I can get my dream car to it's next owner. Thanks in advance.
One way is to host pictures on another site like Photobucket.com

Post the pictures there, then copy and paste the direct link in between [.img] [./img] tags without the . in the tags.

That will allow you to list a bunch of pictures without uploading them directly to NSX Prime and the built-in file browser.
When you are viewing a photo in the photo gallery, it shows several boxes towards the bottom such as "Linked Thumbnail" and "BB Code" and "HTML link".

If you copy and paste the content from the "Linked Thumbnail" box that will add thumbnail pictures to your ad which people can click on to see the full size version. Copying and pasting the "BB Code" will put the full size versions straight into the ad.