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Photos from the MidEast NSX Meet in Raleigh, NC

There were a total of 34 NSX's between Friday & Saturday (35 if you count the Performance Acura 2017!).
I took a couple, see below. Looking forward to attending next year with my NSX!


Jason, Victor has actually found his NSX out in Vancouver! He is flying to there on June 1st and driving the car back cross country!!!

And talk about the great NSX community......Pam, the NW Regional Director for the NSXCA, who lives in Vancouver inspected the car for Victor, is picking him (and girl friend) up at the airport, putting them up overnight and facilitating the pick up of the NSX!!!! Way to go Pam!!! Now that's what you call COMMUNITY!!!

Thanks guys! It's been an amazing experience talking to folks in the NSX community - every person I've talked to has been extremely friendly and willing to help. Even cars I decided not to buy, the owners still wanted to chat about NSXs in general. I can't say enough good things about the community.

Jason, looking forward to meeting you at the next meet!
High Resolution and Un cropped image.

Hey guys, I have a few more pretty good ones. I'll get around to posting them but here is the above photo attached.


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