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Pioneer AVIC-N2

11 August 2005
Hi, guys! This is my first post, and I've viewed the other posts in this section, so I hope you can help.

Was lucky enough to recently purchase a 91 black over red NSX. Thinking about the Pioneer AVIC-N2. Went to a Comp USA (recommended by the Acura dealer where the car is currently getting the once over), and the head installer said that the Pioneer unit should work except...he wasn't sure about the correct wiring harness to use, and needed to know where to tap into the "speed sensor" wire so that the GPS unit would function properly. Apparently their reference docs don't list a 91 NSX.

Keep in mind he has yet to see the car, and has probably never installed anything in an NSX...but the dealer swears by this guy.

Any suggestions or alternate web sites that you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to screw something up on this car...that's why I came here for the right answers.

The search is your friend. A search for "Vehicle speed sensor" would take you to this thread which will answer your question as to which wire to use. Make sure you read the thread carefully to get the right wire for your model year.

Also you might want to keep in mind the other units that are available. Pioneer, Eclipse and Kenwood make double DIN models if you prefer that look instead of a flipout screen. Your console rework will be the biggest part of the installation.