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Pirelli 7000 or Dunlop SP9000

15 May 2000
Does anyone have experience with either the Dunlop SP9000 or the Pirelli 7000. I am getting new tires and was wondering if anyone could recommend any of the 2. Which will give me good performance and quiet ride.
i had the sp9000 on my nsx..front were 235/40/17 and back were 265/35/18--escellent tires..much better in the rain than the perralis..i highly recommentd..also last long time..ie 20-30k miles easy(depedning on your driving of course
Had SP9000's on the 15/16 combo and thought that they were not sticky enough. Long tread life though and for the money for 15/16 they are a pretty good tire.
Hi thanks for the replys so far. I still need help though. someone told me of the brigstone SO2 Pole Positioin. But they are kinda expensive. Still under consideration though. Do the Dunlop 9000s handle the turns better than the Pirelli 7000s? And how is the noise lever compared to the stock tires. Thanks again for all the help.
The Bridgestones SO-2s are some terrific tires. I've had them on my wife's 98 Mercedes for a couple of years now, they have gone 18K miles and the tread still looks like it can go another 10K miles. They are quiet, great handling and good looking. If you don't mind less than 28K miles from them, by all means buy them!

I had thoughts of putting them on my '99 when the original Yokos wear out but I've changed my mind since then. I think the Yokos are the best for the NSX regardless of mileage.
nsxboy7, If your looking for performance and aren’t worried about long tire life, try Pirelli P-Zero-C. These are competition tires on par with BF Goodrich Comp T/A R1. They ride smoother and quieter than the Yoko A022 and for autocross or road race, they handle better then any normal street tire. They can be had in 225x45x16 fronts and 255x40x17 rears, which maintains the proper ration for TCS.